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《Genius Detective》 Volume 4 – Another Family's Child
Chapter 53: Peng Sijue's Doubts
Chapter 54: Campus Dismembered Body Case
Chapter 55: Post-mortem Examination
Chapter 56: Brother and Sister Conflic
Chapter 57: Private High School
Chapter 58: Suspicious Teacher
Chapter 59: Lin Dongxue's Investigation
Chapter 60: White-haired People Send-off Black-haired People
Chapter 61: Visits
Chapter 62: Obstructed Investigation
Chapter 63: The God’s Pen
Chapter 64: Conclusive Evidence
Chapter 65: Advisor Behind the Scenes
《Genius Detective》 Volume 5 – Their Relationship
Chapter 66: Modern Version of Jin Pingmei
Chapter 67: New Lead
Chapter 68: Evidence of the Affair
Chapter 69: Cheating Couple
Chapter 70: Wu Dalang’s Fraudulent Marriage
Chapter 71: Suspicious Informants
Chapter 72: Chen Shi's Reasoning
Chapter 73: Reverse Scale
Chapter 74: Strict Defence
Chapter 75: Stay With Me
Chapter 76: Dog Jumping the Wall
Chapter 77: Xu Xiaodong Arrested the Murderer
Chapter 78: Wu Hao's Confession
Chapter 79: Closing the Case
《Genius Detective》 Volume 6 – Lucky Man
Chapter 80: Celebration Banque
Chapter 81: Corpse Hidden in a Cave
Chapter 82: Autopsy
Chapter 83: Breaking Apart Lovebirds
Chapter 84: Rich Second Generation
Chapter 85: Restoring the Scene of the Crime
Chapter 86: Kiss
Chapter 87: The Real Murderer Revealed
Chapter 88: Heavenly Luck
Chapter 89: Tao Yueyue’s Recovery
《Genius Detective》 Volume 7 – The Father is Actually a...?
Chapter 90: Temporary Detectives
Chapter 91: Body Hidden in Wastewater
Chapter 92: Abandoning the Body
Chapter 93: Really Like a Policeman
Chapter 94: Locking-in on the Victim
Chapter 95: Father and Son Disputes
Chapter 96: A Money Pit of a Game
Chapter 97: Hidden Motivation
Chapter 98: Jianghu Revenge
Chapter 99: Catching the True Murderer
Chapter 100: Adult Fairy Tales
《Genius Detective》 Volume 8 – Peaceful Night Wasn't Peaceful
Chapter 101: Revenge on Society
Chapter 102: Locking onto the Targe
Chapter 103: Gifts
Chapter 104: Xiaodong's Confession
Chapter 105: Friends are Good too
Chapter 106: Who Would Create a Family with You?
Chapter 107: Christmas Night Dance
Chapter 108: Corpse Farm
Chapter 109: An Extra-marital Affair is a Technical Activity
Chapter 110: Eyewitnesses
Chapter 111: New Suspects
Chapter 112: Arresting Han Le
Chapter 113: Spare Love
Chapter 114: External and Internal
《Genius Detective》 Volume 1 – The Mysterious Driver
Chapter 1: Wang Yueche Murder Case
Chapter 2: Lin Dongxue
Chapter 3: Bumping into the Suspec
Chapter 4: Assumption of Guil
Chapter 5: Honesty is to Leniency as Resistance is to Harshness
Chapter 6: A Drop of Ink in the Case, a Thousand Drops of Blood Amongst Society
Chapter 7: Clairvoyan
Chapter 8: The Murderer is a Woman
Chapter 9: A Promiscuous Woman
Chapter 10: The Second Boyfriend
Chapter 11: Accidental Reward
Chapter 12: Revealing the True Murderer
Chapter 13: Best Friends
Chapter 14: A Person I Admire
《Genius Detective》 Volume 2 – Family Massacre
Chapter 15: Matchmaking
Chapter 16: Uncle with Meticulous Thinking
Chapter 17: I’m Most Afraid of Places Like This
Chapter 18: On-site Reasoning
Chapter 19: The Details are the Devil
Chapter 20: Be
Chapter 21: Acquaintances Commit Crimes
Chapter 22: Flaws
Chapter 23: Petty Brother
Chapter 24: The Murderer Who Disappeared Into Thin Air
Chapter 25: Old Master of the Neighbourhood
Chapter 26: Misappropriation of Funds
Chapter 27: Emergency Mission
Chapter 28: Heroic Xu Xiaodong
Chapter 29: No Matter How Much You Struggle, Fate is Fate
Chapter 30: Chen Shi's Progress
Chapter 31: The Astonishing Truth
Chapter 32: Those who are Meant to Come, Finally Came
Chapter 33: Arresting the Real Murderer
Chapter 34: Selfish Men
《Genius Detective》 Volume 3 – Headless Female Corpse
Chapter 35: Concer
Chapter 36: Hunting for Wanted Criminals
Chapter 37: Why Can’t I Control?
Chapter 38: Worrying Aimlessly; Overprotective Brother
Chapter 39: Two Big Men Book a Room
Chapter 40: Disagreements
Chapter 41: Officially Opening the Case
Chapter 42: Autopsy
Chapter 43: Repeated Times
Chapter 44: Left my Leather Gloves in Your Home
Chapter 45: Special Days
Chapter 46: Wolf-like Company
Chapter 47: Jia on the Run
Chapter 48: Jia’s Secre
Chapter 49: Attacking the Defence
Chapter 50: Keeping Your Mouth Shu
Chapter 51: The Truth
Chapter 52: Human Nature
《Genius Detective》 Volume 9 – Friend, Have you Bought Insurance?
Chapter 115: Tao Yueyue’s Calculated Plan
Chapter 116: Case Within a Case
Chapter 117: Team Leader Lin Dongxue
Chapter 118: Undercover BOY
Chapter 119: Dine and Dash
Chapter 120: Peng Sijue Poisoned
Chapter 121: Robbery
Chapter 122: "The Great Punishment"
Chapter 123: Xu Xiaodong's Suffering
Chapter 124: Start Your Performance
Chapter 125: A Triad from the Mom’s Womb
Chapter 126: New Undercover Candidate
Chapter 127: Breaking into the Group
Chapter 128: Sounding Them Ou
Chapter 129: The Police’s Bottom Line
Chapter 130: Life Under House Arres
Chapter 131: Money, Alcohol, Gold and Seduction
Chapter 132: A Long Line to Catch a Big Fish
Chapter 133: Obtaining Trus
Chapter 134: Mastermind
Chapter 135: Policeman or a Rogue?
Chapter 136: Arresting the Real Murderer
Chapter 137: The Sin Chain
《Genius Detective》 Volume 10 – Secret
Chapter 138: After School
Chapter 139: Anxiously Wise
Chapter 140: Chen Shi's Conditions
Chapter 141: The Death of a Little Nurse
Chapter 142: Investigating the Hospital
Chapter 143: Murder Will Never be Tolerated
Chapter 144: So Happy She Slapped
Chapter 145: At Variance but Seemingly in Harmony
Chapter 146: Chen Shi's Reasoning
Chapter 147: Trap
Chapter 148: Secre
《Genius Detective》 Volume 13 – Last Return
Chapter 189: Lin Dongxue Moves House
Chapter 190: Bringing Justice
Chapter 191: Drunk or Lost Love
Chapter 192: Wife-killing Old Bastard
Chapter 193: Lin Qiupu's Way
Chapter 194: Overtime. More Overtime.
Chapter 195: Dealing with Mr. Jia
Chapter 196: Shocking Discovery
Chapter 197: The Suspect Flees
Chapter 198: Pursui
Chapter 199: Silent Snowfall
《Genius Detective》 Volume 14 – Emergency Landing
Chapter 200: A Quiet Day
Chapter 201: Case in the Air
Chapter 202: Passenger Conflic
Chapter 203: On-site Investigation
Chapter 204: Estimated Weapon
Chapter 205: Trap the Murderer
Chapter 206: Revenge for the Brother
《Genius Detective》 Volume 15 – Under Human Skin
Chapter 207: Selfish Resentmen
Chapter 208: Little Monk
Chapter 209: Struggling to Pierce the Ice
Chapter 210: Greed, Hate and Craziness
Chapter 211: Seek
Chapter 212: Dilemma
Chapter 213: One Night of Tenderness
Chapter 214: Not Willing to Face i
Chapter 215: A Glimmer of Hope
Chapter 216: Team Morale Is Poor
Chapter 217 : Breakthrough Progress
Chapter 218: Old Hunter
Chapter 219: Infiltrate to Investigate
Chapter 220: Unwelcome Encounter
Chapter 221: Scientific Investigation
Chapter 222: Hitting the Grass and Alerting the Snake
Chapter 223: Slip Up
Chapter 224: Difficult Search
Chapter 225: New Missing Persons Case
Chapter 226: The Truth of the Missing People
Chapter 227: Liu Hong's Secre
Chapter 228: Stockholm Syndrome
Chapter 229: Showing Tusks
Chapter 230: Violent Struggle in the Room
Chapter 231: Whom Needs to Come, Finally Came
《Genius Detective》 Volume 16 – The Palm and Back of Hand are all Flesh
Chapter 232: Branding of Shame
Chapter 233: Three Photos
Chapter 234: Who is She to Him
Chapter 235: Are You Uncle Song?
Chapter 236: The Missing Children
Chapter 237: Suspected Murder
Chapter 238: Visiting the School
Chapter 239: A Girl with Character
Chapter 240: Fun While Having a Meal
Chapter 241: Blood in the Mall
Chapter 242: Who Died?
Chapter 243: Finding Jiang Ming
Chapter 244: Serial Killer Appears
Chapter 245: Those Forgotten
《Genius Detective》 Volume 17 – World’s Biggest Lie
Chapter 246: Another Chen Shi
Chapter 247: Personal Grudges
Chapter 248: You Can’t be Saved
Chapter 249: Lin Dongxue's Disdain
Chapter 250: Making A Little Money Respectably
Chapter 251: Accidental Fall
Chapter 252: Do You Plan To Be Me Forever?
Chapter 253: Algorithm?
Chapter 254: I Like You
Chapter 255: Deducing the Truth
Chapter 256: Wang Daji's Death
Chapter 257: Who On Earth Are You?
Chapter 258: Ascertaining Identity
Chapter 259: Returning to the Crime Scene
Chapter 260: The Truth of That Year
Chapter 261: Wang Daji's Secre
Chapter 262: No One Remembers the Name of the Lamp
《Genius Detective》 Volume 18 – In The Name of Love
Chapter 263: After the Storm
Chapter 264: Mediation
Chapter 265: Paranoid Man
Chapter 266: The Threat of Love
Chapter 267: Those in the Same Industry Are Enemies
Chapter 268: Accidental Death
Chapter 269: So Bad. Not a Dream.
Chapter 270: Murder in a Locked Room
Chapter 271: Discussing the Case
Chapter 272: The Truth About Delayed-Delivery
Chapter 273: Born Good-looking
Chapter 274: The Little Waiter
Chapter 275: Do Police Have Two Faces?
Chapter 276: Real Murder Time
Chapter 277: I Even Admire Them
Chapter 278: Locked In On the Real Murderer
Chapter 279: A Kiss of Love Confirmation
Chapter 280: I Owe you a Formal Confession
《Genius Detective》 Volume 11 – Rich Family Affairs
Chapter 149: The Person who Killed my Child needs to pay Hundred-fold in Blood
Chapter 150: Pretending to be Song Lang
Chapter 151: Rich Second Generation, Government Official Second Generation
Chapter 152: Old Man Lu’s Arres
Chapter 153: Disappeared Surveillance Footage
Chapter 154: Heavenly-priced Guitar
Chapter 155: Dog
Chapter 156: Alzheimer's Disease
Chapter 157: Father and Son Quarrel
Chapter 158: Zhendong Film Company
Chapter 159: Supremely Invincible Braised Pork-belly
Chapter 160: Locking onto the Suspec
Chapter 161: Hidden Surveillance Footage
Chapter 162: Hidden Treasure in the Golden House
Chapter 163: A Shield Taking all the Arrows
Chapter 164: Private Detective
Chapter 165: A Trap
Chapter 166: True Murderer Revealed
Chapter 167: Poke Through I
Chapter 168: Taboo Game
Chapter 169: Crimes’ Finish
Chapter 170: True Love Transfer
《Genius Detective》 Volume 12 – Case of Grandma Liu Murdering Someone
Chapter 171: Grandma Liu Going to the City
Chapter 172: Indifferent Relatives
Chapter 173: Calculation
Chapter 174: Unfamiliar Stree
Chapter 175: Wang Xifeng's Death
Chapter 176: Human Noodles
Chapter 177: Looking for Old Lady Liu
Chapter 178: Witness
Chapter 179: The Wanted Criminal Appears
Chapter 180: Mr. Jia
Chapter 181: How Do We Look Good Together?
Chapter 182: Secret Doctor
Chapter 183: Secrets Behind the Facade
Chapter 184: Dog Egg’s Testimony
Chapter 185: Brother Dressed as a Woman
Chapter 186: See Each Other Again in the Next Life
Chapter 187: Ji Chunma's Confession
Chapter 188: Humiliated by Money
《Genius Detective》 Volume 19 – Bottle Cap Murder
Chapter 281: Old Peng Has Depression
Chapter 282: Death of a Migrant Worker
Chapter 283: Bottle Cap Murder
Chapter 284: Twisted Hear
Chapter 285: The Murderer's Hideou
Chapter 286: Face to Face With The Murderer
Chapter 287: Hitchhike Murder
Chapter 288: Perfect Tribute
Chapter 289: Sweet Little Misunderstanding
Chapter 290: The Childhood of Discrimination
Chapter 291: Teacher Xu's Death
Chapter 292: Do the Victims Have to be Bad People?
Chapter 293: A Late Apology
Chapter 294: The Childhood Demon
Chapter 295: The Final Targets
Chapter 296: Target to Protec
Chapter 297: Courageous Face-off with the Real Murderer
Chapter 298: Sword of Damocles
《Genius Detective》 Volume 20 – Crazed Time Traveller
Chapter 299: An Unspeakable Mini Game
Chapter 300: Time-traveler
Chapter 301: Which Mental Hospital Did He Escape From?
Chapter 302: The Prince’s Arrival
Chapter 303: Finding the True Identity
Chapter 304: Robbing Couple
Chapter 305: X Has Surfaced
Chapter 306: Time-traveling Pursuit to Kill
Chapter 307: Visiting Old Man Lu Again
Chapter 308: Chen Shi and the Dog Cannot Enter
Chapter 309: Fierce Maid
Chapter 310: Exposing the Real Murderer
Chapter 311: A Fisheye in the Midst of Pearls
Chapter 312: Father and Son Reunited
Chapter 313: Thank You, Mr. Chen
《Genius Detective》 Volume 21 – Master Hypnotist
Chapter 314: Gu You’s Scheme
Chapter 315: Desolate Old Man
Chapter 316: What Have I Done Wrong?
Chapter 317: Killing One Hundred Equates to Death As Well
Chapter 318: Tolerating Won’t Solve the Problem
Chapter 319: School Campus Suicide Case
Chapter 320: Principles of Hypnosis
Chapter 321: School Bullying
Chapter 322: I Have the Death Note
Chapter 323: Throwing Rocks At Someone Who Fell Into A Well
Chapter 324: Connected Clues
Chapter 325: The Horse Leg is Exposed
Chapter 326: The Cornered Beast’s Struggle
Chapter 327: Cloudy Day
Chapter 328: The Last Hypnosis Murder
《Genius Detective》 Volume 22 – Weak Female’s Revenge
Chapter 329: Tao Yueyue’s First Task
Chapter 330: I've Been Followed
Chapter 331: The Middle-aged Man Who Died Alone
Chapter 332: Expert of Escaping Crimes
Chapter 333: The Bastard Zheng
Chapter 334: The Hunted Becomes the Hunter
Chapter 335: Dying With Unspent Money
Chapter 336: Sly Murderer
Chapter 337: Violet’s Fragrance
Chapter 338: Beautiful Childcare Worker
Chapter 339: Black Honey
Chapter 340: Old Friends Meet Again
Chapter 341: kk
Chapter 342: Sealed Brain
Chapter 343: Reunion
Chapter 344: Abnormal Investigation
Chapter 345: The Willing Dr. Li
Chapter 346: Investigating the Orphanage
Chapter 347: Last Sliver of Hope
Chapter 348: Treated Like Wicked People
Chapter 349: Finale
《Genius Detective》 Volume 23 – University Entrance Exam Disturbance
Chapter 350: It’s All Up to Human Effor
Chapter 351: The Agency’s Opening Day
Chapter 352: University Entrance Exam Papers
Chapter 353: The True Goal of the Scammers
Chapter 354: Let Your Mom Take You There
Chapter 355: Call for Back-up
Chapter 356: Don't Move, I'm a Police Officer
Chapter 357: Midnight Tracking
Chapter 358: Interrogation by Suggestion Method
Chapter 359: Ferreting Out the Mole
《Genius Detective》 Volume 24 – The Metamorphosis
Chapter 360: Person Above Everyone
Chapter 361: Suspect Xu Xiaodong?
Chapter 362: Xu Xiaodong Gets Questioned
Chapter 363: Informants in School
Chapter 364 - Strict Parenting
Chapter 365: Sharp Shovel
Chapter 366: A Little Online Influencer
Chapter 367: Leaving After Insulting, How Exciting
Chapter 368: Coming From a Distant Place
Chapter 369: Distress on the Mountain
Chapter 370: Don't Push Everything Onto Society
Chapter 371: Hidden Corpse in the Refrigerator
《Genius Detective》 Volume 25 – A Ray of Light Amongst Darkness
Chapter 372: Poor Eyesigh
Chapter 373: The Blind Killer
Chapter 374: The Thief Who Called The Police
Chapter 375: The Fourth Victim
Chapter 376: Benefits of Murder
Chapter 377: Pursuing the Murderer on a Rainy Nigh
Chapter 378: Tu Yunmeng's Confession
Chapter 379: Becoming Blind Due to Patricide
《Genius Detective》 Volume 26 – Pursuit of the Murderer Within a Dream
Chapter 380: Wang Sunxu's Three Dreams
Chapter 381: Dream Interpretation
Chapter 382: The More Was Said, The Dirtier It Go
Chapter 383: The Fire Ten Years Ago
Chapter 384: Investigating Du Xuemei
Chapter 385: Second Generation Rich Commoner
Chapter 386: Fake Illegitimate Child
Chapter 387: Two Name-Lists
Chapter 388: His Name
Chapter 389: The Programmer Who Went Crazy
Chapter 390: The Collapse of Black Honey
《Genius Detective》 Volume 27 – A Child’s Corpse On A Barren Mountain
Chapter 391: A Child’s Corpse on a Barren Mountain
Chapter 392: Why Didn't You Find Brother Chen?
Chapter 393: Chen Shi Dependen
Chapter 394: One Day Covenan
Chapter 395: Prolific Thinking
Chapter 396: Restraining the Suspec
Chapter 397: Hao Jie Is Alive
Chapter 398: The Second Corpse
Chapter 399: Corroborate Statements
Chapter 400: Decisive Evidence
Chapter 401: Breaking Through the Psychological Defense Line
Chapter 402: Twisted Mother Love
《Genius Detective》 Volume 28 – Bloodthirsty Muse
Chapter 403: Night of Evil
Chapter 404: Zhou Tiannan
Chapter 405: Corpse Fragments Falling From The Sky
Chapter 406: Assembling The Remains
Chapter 407: Tough Investigation
Chapter 408: Once in A Lifetime
Chapter 409: Focused Range
Chapter 410: Crime Scene
Chapter 411: What's Wrong With You
Chapter 412: Odd Surveillance
Chapter 413: Forcible Summon
Chapter 414: The Haughty Celebrity
Chapter 415: Like An Iron Bucke
Chapter 416: Confrontation
Chapter 417: Please Arrest Me
Chapter 418: Common Interests
Chapter 419: Loss of Manpower
Chapter 420: The Missing Cleaner
Chapter 421: Exposing the Psychology
Chapter 422: The Scream in the Song
Chapter 423: The Only Hope
Chapter 424: Convincing Su Xiaowei
Chapter 425: Formal Arres
Chapter 426: The Coat of Lies
Chapter 427: Bloodthirsty Muse
Chapter 428: The Storm is Coming
《Genius Detective》 Volume 29 – Armed with Weapons
Chapter 429: Mailed Pistols
Chapter 430: The First Gun
Chapter 431: Dying After Relieving the Addiction
Chapter 432: Subway Station Hostage Case
Chapter 433: Agreed Suicide
Chapter 434: Old Person's Troubles
Chapter 435: School Shooting
Chapter 436: You Lied to Me
Chapter 437: Deputy Chief Yan Killed in the Line of Duty
Chapter 438: A Leg For A Leg
Chapter 439: All You Lost Is One Leg
Chapter 440: Armed
Chapter 441: Dissociative Identity Disorder
Chapter 442: Cheating With His Wife
Chapter 443: The Paparazzi Who Was One Step Ahead
Chapter 444: Bus Hijacking
Chapter 445: Green Company Bus
Chapter 446: Wife, Your Majesty
Chapter 447: Entrapment Plan
Chapter 448: Bloody Banque
Chapter 449: Tracking the Paparazzi
Chapter 450: Who’s Right and Who’s Wrong
Chapter 451: Name Lis
Chapter 452: Fallen Police
Chapter 453: Each Person’s Luck
Chapter 454: Desperate Chase
Chapter 455: The Last Gun
《Genius Detective》 Volume 30 – Ghost Gun
Chapter 456: Gun Murder Case
Chapter 457: The Second Corpse
Chapter 458: Recreating the Crime Scene
Chapter 459: Could it be a Ghost?
Chapter 460: A Piece of Poisonous Cake
Chapter 461: Fraternal Conflic
Chapter 462: The Secret of Invisibility
Chapter 463: Deleted Surveillance Footage
Chapter 464: The Deceased’s Secre
Chapter 465: A Poverty-Stricken Family
Chapter 466: The Couple's Lies
Chapter 467: The Blunder Inciden
Chapter 468: The Gun is Found
Chapter 469: Twelve Years Ago
Chapter 470: Unveiling the Truth
Chapter 471: The Murderer's Confession
Chapter 472: Face
《Genius Detective》 Volume 31 – Disciples
Chapter 473: Neighborhood Minced Corpse Case
Chapter 474: Officially Opening a Case
Chapter 475: Three Rabbit Holes
Chapter 476: Suspected Corpse Abandonment Location
Chapter 477: Follow The Vine To Get The Melon
Chapter 478: Conditions From a Prisoner With a Death Sentence
Chapter 479: Who Is The Accomplice?
Chapter 480: Apprentice
Chapter 481: Pitiful People Must Have Hateful Places
Chapter 482: The Third Missing Person
Chapter 483: Public Abduction
Chapter 484: Kill The Donkey When The Grinding Is Done
Chapter 485: True Murderer Revealed
Chapter 486: Critical Place
Chapter 487: The Lost Soul
Chapter 488: Another Qixi
《Genius Detective》 Volume 32 – Don’t Forget Me
Chapter 489: Qixi Homicidal Demon
Chapter 490: Six Years Ago
Chapter 491: Problem Studen
Chapter 492: Love From Hatred
Chapter 493: Resentmen
Chapter 494: Rebellious Youth
Chapter 495: Cohabitation
Chapter 496: Yan Qilin's Secre
Chapter 497: Chen Shi's Hypothesis
Chapter 498: Unplanned Murder
Chapter 499: A Brocade Banner
Chapter 500: The Father's Lies
Chapter 501: Framing Scheme
Chapter 502: The Hero Saves The Beauty
Chapter 503: Yue Chao's Secre
Chapter 504: Self-Produced and Directed
Chapter 505: Suspect Zhang Jinlei
Chapter 506: She Snatched Away Everything From Me
Chapter 507: Don't Forget Me
Chapter 508: The Living Are The Most Importan
Chapter 509: The New Teacher
《Genius Detective》 Volume 33 – Grandfather’s Taste
Chapter 509: The New Teacher
Chapter 510: Laoji Noodle Soup
Chapter 511: Hooligan Father and Son
Chapter 512: Poisoning At Nigh
Chapter 513: Unexpected Mea
Chapter 514: Hidden Corpse In The Wall
Chapter 515: Inheritance Of Domestic Violence
Chapter 516: The Missing Grandpa
Chapter 517: First Impressions Are The Stronges
Chapter 518: Father's Remains
Chapter 519: A Storm
Chapter 520: Fish’s Death And Broken Ne
Chapter 521: Growing Up With Domestic Violence
Chapter 522: The Whole Family In Order
《Genius Detective》 Volume 34 – Sudden Disappearance
Chapter 523: Mysterious Disappearance
Chapter 524: Huge Amount Of Money
Chapter 525: Traveling For Work
Chapter 526: Visits
Chapter 527: Pathological Liar
Chapter 528: Suspicious Lu Hao
Chapter 529: A Big Whoopsies
Chapter 530: Man in Gray
Chapter 531: The Truth About The Cold Feelings
Chapter 532: The Origin Of The Money
Chapter 533: The Death Of Li Xiang
Chapter 534: Zhang Rui's Confession
Chapter 535: New Reasoning
Chapter 536: Things Have Taken A New Turn
Chapter 537: Wife Of A Gay Man’s Revenge
《Genius Detective》 Volume 35 – Dead Japanese
Chapter 538: Apologize
Chapter 539: Dead Japanese
Chapter 540: Anti-Japanese Sentimen
Chapter 541: Deserted Alley
Chapter 542: XX Died Here
Chapter 543: Seriously Ill Wife
Chapter 544: Visiting Baoqiang At Nigh
Chapter 545: Recounting the Crime
Chapter 546: I Wish You Luck
《Genius Detective》 Volume 36 – Why Did Ah Zhen Die?
Chapter 547: Suicide By Jumping Off A Building
Chapter 548: Apologize By Dying
Chapter 549: The Third Homicide Case
Chapter 550: You Stay
Chapter 551: Guarding The Tree Stump Waiting for Hares
Chapter 552: Murder Advance Notice
Chapter 553: An Empty Hole Invites the Wind
Chapter 554: Late Night Visitor
Chapter 555: Revealing The Answer
Chapter 556: The Buried Secre
Chapter 557: Misery Loves Company
《Genius Detective》 Volume 37 – Don’t Get Close To Strangers
Chapter 558: I’m Not Surnamed Ke
Chapter 559: A Man Who Can’t Wear Clothes
Chapter 560: A Sign Of A Felony
Chapter 561: Transporting The Corpse
Chapter 562: Starting The Investigation
Chapter 563: Don't Bully My Daughter
Chapter 564: Hapless Genius
Chapter 565: The Real Murderer Escaped
Chapter 566: Weird Toxin
Chapter 567: Pursuing Li Xiang
Chapter 568: Perverted Monologue
《Genius Detective》 Volume 38 – Revive In A New Guise
Chapter 569: Bloody Beginning
Chapter 570: Missing
Chapter 571: Bloodstains In The Office
Chapter 572: First Meeting With Teacher Yan
Chapter 573: Tampered Surveillance Footage
Chapter 574: Anonymous Police Tip-off
Chapter 575: Fall Into The Mire
Chapter 576: Phoenix Man
Chapter 577: Exposing The Trickery
Chapter 578: Minimal Hope
Chapter 579: Eyewitnesses
Chapter 580: Cowardly Justice
Chapter 581: Confrontation
Chapter 582: Secret Figh
Chapter 583: By Fair Means or Foul
Chapter 584: The Price
《Genius Detective》 Volume 39 – Split Crime
Chapter 585: Scheming
Chapter 586: Signing Ceremony
Chapter 587: Sudden Murder
Chapter 588: Hired Kill
Chapter 589: Recreation Of The Crime Scene
Chapter 590: Zhou Tiannan's Trend
Chapter 591: Sneaky
Chapter 592: Crisis-ridden