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MMORPG Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Author:Flying Alone

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The phoenix is a creature of legends, a wonder of the world, an imagery of life and destruction. This fabled creature signifies the rise of a hero in a virtual world where battles occur for the sake of honor and glory! Zhang Yang was a professional gamer in the first and most fantastic game that revolutionized the world: God’s Miracle. A game where traditio...
《MMORPG Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian》 Text
Chapter 1: Together in Death
Chapter 2: Rebirth
Chapter 3: Soul Brothers
Chapter 4: The Launching of ‘God’s Miracle’
Chapter 5: Rapid Leveling
Chapter 6: Black Panther King
Chapter 7: Crimson Rage
Chapter 8: Gathering Materials
Chapter 9: A Handsome Reward
Chapter 10: Rogue Clan
Chapter 11: Main Story Quest
Chapter 12: Ranking
Chapter 13: Entering the Dungeon
Chapter 14: Who is the Noob?
Chapter 15: The Black Claw
Chapter 16: Barbarians and Their Barbaric Ways
Chapter 17: The Second Boss
Chapter 18: Nuked?
Chapter 19: Solo Kill
Chapter 20: Difficult Mode
Chapter 21: A Piece of Cake
Chapter 22: Hardcore Mode
Chapter 23: Close Call
Chapter 24: Jubilant March
Chapter 25: The Undefeatable Boss
Chapter 26: Hardcore Mode, First Clear!
Chapter 27: Analyze
Chapter 28: Hidden Boss
Chapter 29: All Clear
Chapter 30: Jumbo Loot
Chapter 31: Pride Quad
Chapter 32: Spawn Camping
Chapter 33: A Small Obstacle
Chapter 34: Physician’s Friend
Chapter 35: Final Quest
Chapter 36: Golden Venomous Python King
Chapter 37: Great Lucky Hands
Chapter 38: Earthen Round Shield’s Hot Sales
Chapter 39: Invitation
Chapter 40: Attack on the Gray-Silver Boss
Chapter 41: A Handsome Reward
Chapter 42: The Brother Dragon of the Massage Parlor
Chapter 43: Sacred Training Ground
Chapter 44: Rapid Leveling
Chapter 45: Fatty’s Death
Chapter 46: Ridiculous Reasons
Chapter 47: Sword and Fire Mercenary
Chapter 48: The Old Scammer
Chapter 49: The Top 3 Guild
Chapter 50: Strength of the Minion
Chapter 51: Water Spirit Wattland
Chapter 52: Earth Spirit Oz
Chapter 53: A Wasted Effort
Chapter 54: The Second First-Clear Achievement
Chapter 55: Onward to the Middle Wing
Chapter 56: Fire Spirit Farr
Chapter 57: Air Spirit Ains
Chapter 58: Wiped and Wiped Again
Chapter 59: One More Time!
Chapter 60: Guild Contribution
Chapter 61: One Straight Flush
Chapter 62: Emmy’s Test of Strength
Chapter 63: Crafting the Antidote
Chapter 64: A Boss that Didn’t Drop Equipment
Chapter 65: Undefeatable?
Chapter 66: Reverse Lifesteal
Chapter 67: Another godlike boss?
Chapter 68: Guranda the Chameleon
Chapter 69: Shape Shifting Tool
Chapter 70: Freyna The Shadow Assassin
Chapter 71: Onward, to the Fourth Floor
Chapter 72: Lincar The Slaughterer
Chapter 73: Magic Scroll
Chapter 74: Shurian
Chapter 75: Crisis in the Storm
Chapter 76: Handsome reward
Chapter 77: The Skeletal War Horse!
Chapter 78: Alliance Proposal
Chapter 79: A Guest from Far Away
Chapter 80: Queen of the Shadow Dance
Chapter 81: Another fight
Chapter 82: Decide with a Battle!
Chapter 83: Assault
Chapter 84: Main Wing! Here we come!
Chapter 85: Exploration
Chapter 86: The Rewards of the Failure
Chapter 87: The Final Beheading
Chapter 88: Mess with me? I’ll mess with you!
Chapter 89: Distributor
Chapter 90: Infuriated Humbly Gentleman
Chapter 91: Hot Sales
Chapter 92: Multimillionaire
Chapter 93: The Pub
Chapter 94: Two Ladies’ Arrival
Chapter 95: Not Afraid of Ghosts
Chapter 96: Speed Achievement
Chapter 97: Level 30 Job Quest
Chapter 98: Blue Giant Hull
Chapter 99: Super Healer!
Chapter 100: Shadowmoon Castle
Chapter 101: Sister’s Revenge
Chapter 102: Cheating Boss
Chapter 103: Laxus the Gardener
Chapter 104: Defense Army Captain Lothar
Chapter 105: Young Master Wrath
Chapter 106: Irresistible
Chapter 107: The Head of Butlers Mack
Chapter 108: So I See
Chapter 109: The End of the Hot Sale
Chapter 110: Another Encounter with Rouge Clan
Chapter 111: Land Lease
Chapter 112: Run for Your Life!
Chapter 113: The Second Floor
Chapter 114: Clear Lotus – The Ice Whisperer
Chapter 115: A Change of Heart
Chapter 116: Powerful Servant
Chapter 117: Barga - The Mead
Chapter 118: Sixth Floor
Chapter 119: Dual Boss
Chapter 120: Luck is also part of strength
Chapter 121: Rescue Merlinda
Chapter 122: Ron Weasley
Chapter 123: Double Assassination!
Chapter 124: Beyond Perfect Score
Chapter 125: Hermione the Witch
Chapter 126: Chimera
Chapter 127: The 13th Floor
Chapter 128: Lease Obtained!
Chapter 129: Little Merchandize Shop
Chapter 130: A Challenge of Sword and Fire
Chapter 131: Two down
Chapter 132: Invitation from Snow Seeker
Chapter 133: King of the Mountain Giants
Chapter 134: Collapsed and Crushed
Chapter 135: Loot distribution
Chapter 136: Hammer Heart Castle
Chapter 137: One against Twenty Four
Chapter 138: Escort Mission
Chapter 139: Polishing Reputation
Chapter 140: Hunting Sheeps
Chapter 141: Aura Effect
Chapter 142: The Fall of the Evil Necromancer Zac
Chapter 143: New Member
Chapter 144: Another One!
Chapter 145: Continuous Grinding
Chapter 146: First Boss of the Castle
Chapter 147: Harmonious and Loving Party
Chapter 148: The Prince
Chapter 149: Family Vengeance
Chapter 150: 3rd Floor
Chapter 151: The Queen of Centaurs
Chapter 152: An Incestophile and Cinderella
Chapter 153: Kill Them Both
Chapter 154: Centaur Guard
Chapter 155: Gigantic Skeleton
Chapter 156: Engaging Zac
Chapter 157: Killing a Yellow-Gold boss
Chapter 158: Quest Complete
Chapter 159: Every cook praises his own broth
Chapter 160: Robbery
Chapter 161: Double homicide
Chapter 162: The Violent Sun Xin Yu
Chapter 163: Strong Support
Chapter 164: Girl Friend
Chapter 165: The First Boss, Jenny
Chapter 166: Frivolous Maid
Chapter 167: Lanier the Vampire
Chapter 168: The Third Boss, Demison
Chapter 169: Rather Spirited Momentum
Chapter 170: Blood Guardian Angelo
Chapter 171: Fight against Master Waller
Chapter 172: Practice and Collaborate
Chapter 173: Forum war of words
Chapter 174: Take down
Chapter 175: The second piece of [Guild Upgrade Order]
Chapter 176: Humbly Gentleman The Buffoon
Chapter 177: High Price
Chapter 178: An Interesting Scene
Chapter 179: Level 50!
Chapter 180: Expedition, Start!
Chapter 181: First Wave
Chapter 182: Shameless Pricks
Chapter 183: Nazghoul
Chapter 184: The Third Wave
Chapter 185: Leash of the Stead from Hell
Chapter 186: Hijack!
Chapter 187: The Fifth Wave
Chapter 188: In Jeopardy
Chapter 189: The Eighth and Ninth Wave
Chapter 190: Demon Snake Queen
Chapter 191: The 10th Wave
Chapter 192: Hellfire Demon King Bariyada
Chapter 193: The Reinforcements Have Arrived
Chapter 194: The End of the Expedition!
Chapter 195: Notice of the Gathering of Classmates
Chapter 196: King of the Frost Chimera
Chapter 197: Fire Resistance Potion Recipe
Chapter 198: Zhou Kang Ming
Chapter 199: A Boring Attack
Chapter 200: Class Idol
Chapter 201: Yang Zhi Xian
Chapter 202: A Meeting of Chance at the Karaoke
Chapter 203: Rage for the Damsel
Chapter 204: Gu Jun stance
Chapter 205: Till He Suffers
Chapter 206: Please Take Me In!
Chapter 207: Sleeping on the Wrong Bed
Chapter 208: Lovelorn?
Chapter 209: Poisonous Fireland
Chapter 210: Connecting the Six Cities
Chapter 211: Roshan - Copper Hammer
Chapter 212: Silky Soft Bra
Chapter 213: Queen of Medusa
Chapter 214: Destructive Power
Chapter 215: Solid Blockade
Chapter 216: A Call from the Princess
Chapter 217: Grinding
Chapter 218: A Change in the Royal Lineage
Chapter 219: The Gold-Eared Bear King’s Little Cub
Chapter 220: Winter’s Wind Bear King
Chapter 221: Super-Powered Pet Mount
Chapter 222: Valley of High Tree
Chapter 223: Demonic Treant King
Chapter 224: Aura Stone
Chapter 225: Imperial Sky
Chapter 226: Utterly Flattened
Chapter 227: One Sword Stroke
Chapter 228: Lord of Flames Arcel
Chapter 229: Reclaiming the throne!
Chapter 230: The Princess and the Impostor
Chapter 231: The Traitor of the Kingdom
Chapter 232: The Chase
Chapter 233: Mission Accomplished!
Chapter 234: Counter Attack!
Chapter 235: Super-Ultra-OP Reward!
Chapter 236: Service Hiring
Chapter 237: Spectre War Zone
Chapter 238: The Infiltration
Chapter 239: Invincible King Arthur
Chapter 240: Frozen Ice Weeding
Chapter 241: Frozen Fractal Witch Spectre
Chapter 242: The Sudden Appearance of a Territory
Chapter 243: Battle for Terra Nulius
Chapter 244: Battle Commences!
Chapter 245: Seizing the Territory
Chapter 246: Territory Construction
Chapter 247: Fire Chocobos
Chapter 248: Utter Slaughter
Chapter 249: Rival in Love
Chapter 250: 10,000 Phantoms
Chapter 251: Lost Dream
Chapter 252: The Gamble
Chapter 253: Another War General ! Get!
Chapter 254: First Shot
Chapter 255: Soaring Swords Professional League
Chapter 256: The Weird Spectre
Chapter 257: The Diary
Chapter 258: Smaug’s Revenge
Chapter 259: The Forgotten King
Chapter 260: Thunderbolt Prison
Chapter 261: The Competition between Strong Guilds
Chapter 262: Dancing Machine
Chapter 263: Childhood Idols
Chapter 264: Unobstructed Flow
Chapter 265: ‘Fire Phoenix’ Party
Chapter 266: The Strongest 4 of White Jade Castle
Chapter 267: Progressing into Shanghai
Chapter 268: Rescue Our Men!
Chapter 269: Eliminate the Spider Queen
Chapter 270: Liu Wei
Chapter 271: Hit a Corner
Chapter 272: The Assembled Weapon
Chapter 273: Catarina the Queen of Spider
Chapter 274: Dark Enigmatic Sword
Chapter 275: Divide and Conquer
Chapter 276: Group Battle
Chapter 277: Just as Easy
Chapter 278: Quarterfinals
Chapter 279: Rigged?
Chapter 280: Tricks
Chapter 281: Here I Come!
Chapter 282: We are the Champions!
Chapter 283: Second Adjustment of Class Mechanics
Chapter 284: Snow White
Chapter 285: Stone Giant Herlow
Chapter 286: Destroy the Magic Mirror
Chapter 287: Shaenita
Chapter 288: The Truth about the Dark and the Light
Chapter 289: The Second Territory Command Order
Chapter 290: Monster Raid
Chapter 291: Defend the Territory (1)
Chapter 292: Defend the Territory (2)
Chapter 293: Defend the Territory (3)
Chapter 294: Defend the Territory (4)
Chapter 295: Defend the Territory (5)
Chapter 296: Defend the Territory (6)
Chapter 297: A Handsome Reward
Chapter 298: Heading to the Japan-Korea Region
Chapter 299: Mythical King of Tyrannosauruses - Morchason
Chapter 300: Takeshi's Fort
Chapter 301: Monster Siege again!
Chapter 302: Hovering Amphitheatre
Chapter 303: The Ravine of Coyotes
Chapter 304: Investigation in the Demon’s Territory
Chapter 305: Summoned Soldiers
Chapter 306: Heroic Leap
Chapter 307: At Her Doorstep
Chapter 308: Something Is Amiss?
Chapter 309: Collecting the Dragon Crystals
Chapter 310: The Ancient Dragon Soul
Chapter 311: Rescuing the Priestess of the Moon
Chapter 312: A Sneaky Business
Chapter 313: The Darkness
Chapter 314: Sightless Slayer Hazel
Chapter 315: Beastman Lord
Chapter 316: The Third Violet-Platinum Boss
Chapter 317: Alchemist's Intuition
Chapter 318: Dance of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 319: Luo Xin Yan
Chapter 320: Dividing the Power
Chapter 321: Beat Down
Chapter 322: The Confession
Chapter 323: Meteor Sword
Chapter 324: Underwear Thief
Chapter 325: For the Sake of Fixing the Magic Mirror
Chapter 326: Saving Lagguda
Chapter 327: Batmans of the Ghastly Mountains
Chapter 328: Giant Cyclops Phango
Chapter 329: The Search for a New Source of Energy
Chapter 330: Rematch with Imperial Sky
Chapter 332: King of Batman
Chapter 333: Burrow
Chapter 334: Heading for Emerald Island
Chapter 335: The Missing Daughter
Chapter 336: Mermaids
Chapter 337: Buying Time
Chapter 338: The King has Arrived
Chapter 339: Mythical Turtle
Chapter 340: The Flying Dutchman
Chapter 341: Floating Clouds Guild
Chapter 342: Crimson-Gold Crab
Chapter 343: The Ghost Captain
Chapter 344: Treasure Chest
Chapter 345: Blizzard Sky, Luna's Dew
Chapter 346: Level 80, Finally!
Chapter 347: The Search for Kent
Chapter 348: Unstoppable
Chapter 349: Bloody Shura Mauta
Chapter 350: Search for the [Titan’s Chest Plate]
Chapter 351: Blackwater Abyss
Chapter 352: Huge Python Mopy
Chapter 353: Slaying the Enemy's Chieftain
Chapter 354: Kazalo Appears
Chapter 355: The Mighty Titan Chest Plate
Chapter 356: Answering a Fool According to His Folly
Chapter 357: Mining Cave Defense Battle
Chapter 358: Like Water Through a Brick Wall
Chapter 359: It’s All About the Reputation
Chapter 360: A Time to Counter
Chapter 361: Eins Brook
Chapter 362: The Fifth Dimensional Key Fragment
Chapter 363: Party Summon Order
Chapter 364: Guild Wars
Chapter 365: Pandemonium
Chapter 366: Easy as Pie
Chapter 367: Unsealing the First Magic Circle Seal
Chapter 368: Rhine Wildhammer’s Quest
Chapter 369: This Is But A Small Favor
Chapter 370: Lord of the Myriad Ghosts
Chapter 371: Blood Rage Armor Set
Chapter 372: Killua Castle
Chapter 373: Rescuing Winchester
Chapter 374: Unicorn
Chapter 375: Returning to Kullia Castle
Chapter 376: The Hunt of the Evil
Chapter 377: Demon Portal
Chapter 378: Destroying the Portal
Chapter 379: Sword of Purging Devourer
Chapter 380: The Search for the Sixth Key Fragment
Chapter 381: The Return of Megatron
Chapter 382: Foil the Plan
Chapter 383: Search and Destroy the Allspark
Chapter 384: Devastator
Chapter 385: The New Servant
Chapter 386: A Fierce Fight against Megatron
Chapter 387: Spirit of the Flame
Chapter 388: The Competition
Chapter 389: Sailor Moon
Chapter 390: The Needle that Fell Out of the Haystack!
Chapter 391: Imperial Sky Assault (1)
Chapter 392: Imperial Sky Assault (2)
Chapter 393: Imperial Sky Assault (3)
Chapter 394: Imperial Sky Assault (4)
Chapter 395: Silent Hail Town
Chapter 396: Incoming Vampire Attack
Chapter 397: Fallback
Chapter 398: The Garden of Vampires
Chapter 399: The Vampire’s Touch
Chapter 400: Constance
Chapter 401: The King of Vampire
Chapter 402: Lost Love
Chapter 403: Reborn Anew
Chapter 404: Collecting Skeleton Bones
Chapter 405: Zombie Dental Extraction
Chapter 406: Eliminating the Necromancer!
Chapter 407: The Spartan Warriors
Chapter 408: Book of Experiences
Chapter 409: The Obsidian Gargoyles
Chapter 410: The Vengeful Spirit Mordoro
Chapter 411: Victory at a Price
Chapter 412: The Resurrected Anelia
Chapter 413: Thrown into a Battle of Chance
Chapter 414: Powerful Summons!
Chapter 415: Titan Set Armor Completed!
Chapter 416: Island of the Sacred One
Chapter 417: Kill Cynapor
Chapter 418: The King of Naga
Chapter 419: Breaking the Cages
Chapter 420: Marvados
Chapter 421: The Four Horsemen
Chapter 422: Overwhelming Aura
Chapter 423: The Three Saints
Chapter 424: Rain Down, Hell from Above
Chapter 425: Requiem
Chapter 426: A Tight Battle Spot
Chapter 427: Knock Down!
Chapter 428: The Warbringer
Chapter 429: Shaloni
Chapter 430: Ancient Demonic Souls
Chapter 431: The Resurrection of The Ancient Demonic Statue
Chapter 432: The Beginning of a Bitter Battle!
Chapter 433: A Smooth Clearance
Chapter 434: Herb Foraging Familiar
Chapter 435: Sun Xin Yu’s Old Man
Chapter 436: Realm of Sacred Glory
Chapter 437: Level 4 Gem Stone
Chapter 438: Captain America
Chapter 439: Raising Rank
Chapter 440: A Mess
Chapter 441: A Sabotage
Chapter 442: When the Dust Settles…
Chapter 443: Dimensional Key
Chapter 444: Sweeping Gold
Chapter 445: The Fourth Prince Ludovic
Chapter 446: Spider Silk Dress
Chapter 447: An Upgrade in AOE
Chapter 448: The Third Prince, Marlin Frodo
Chapter 449: Recovery Aura
Chapter 450: Take Both When You Can!
Chapter 451: The Second Prince Rogalli
Chapter 452: Death Water Elemental
Chapter 453: Ring of Blazing Flame
Chapter 454: ‘Civil War’ in the Imperial Sky
Chapter 455: Demon Blade of Death
Chapter 456: Queen Madisha
Chapter 457: Bloody-Shadow Strike
Chapter 458: Five Floors, All Clear!
Chapter 459: Reward? Rewardsss
Chapter 460: Server Update
Chapter 461: Battle Companion
Chapter 462: Entering the Chaos Realms
Chapter 463: Felice, Too Cute, Too Powerful
Chapter 464: Cleansing the Spectres
Chapter 465: Flying Mount!
Chapter 466: Luilina
Chapter 467: Begging for Life, when Death Knocks
Chapter 468: The Enemy of my Enemy is…Let’s Just Set Them Upon Each Other
Chapter 469: An Upgrade on the Pet Mount
Chapter 470: Mayor Rockya
Chapter 471: Daffodil in distress!
Chapter 472: Massacre
Chapter 473: Winst Castle
Chapter 474: Messick
Chapter 475: Returning to the Winst Castle
Chapter 476: Monk of Flame Inheritance
Chapter 477: The Return of the Whiner
Chapter 478: The Unkillable Cockroach
Chapter 479: The Forbidden Scroll
Chapter 480: Declaring War over Emerald City
Chapter 481: Chapter 482 The Siege
Chapter 482: The Appearance of the Emerald Kingdom’s King
Chapter 483: The Queen’s Protection
Chapter 484: S Class Inheritance Fragment
Chapter 485: Milkmaid Deity
Chapter 486: Cloak of the Orcs
Chapter 487: Boy? Or Girl?
Chapter 488: A Vixen Orc?!
Chapter 489: Starting the Inheritance Quest
Chapter 490: Meka
Chapter 491: Gathering the Materials
Chapter 492: Tiger King Anusuba
Chapter 493: Two Skill Books on the House!
Chapter 494: Hold the Peni... eherm, Door! Hold the door!
Chapter 495: Meka and the Countess
Chapter 496: Inheritance Trial
Chapter 497: The True Ordeal
Chapter 498: Black Dragon Anubask
Chapter 499: Glare of the Death God
Chapter 500: Han Ying Xue’s Battle Companion
Chapter 501: The Gargoyle King
Chapter 502: Bewitchment and Disarment
Chapter 503: Nine Head Hydra Geopolo
Chapter 504: The Last Target, Fire Element King Laguana
Chapter 505: One More Round with Dusk Phoenix
Chapter 506: Completed Quest
Chapter 507: The God of War Inheritance
Chapter 508: Han Ying Xue and Sun Xin Yu
Chapter 509: Class Balancing
Chapter 510: The God of War Transformation
Chapter 511: Magical Fruit of Ying and Yang
Chapter 512: Winged Monkey King Chakra
Chapter 513: Battle Against the Winged Monkey
Chapter 514: Heaven Shaker
Chapter 515: The Japan-Korea Region's Counterattack
Chapter 516: An Easy Obliteration
Chapter 517: Aiding Fatty Han
Chapter 518: The Vampire Count Ferra
Chapter 519: A Fierce Battle with an Ethereal Boss
Chapter 520: ‘First Clear’ of Ethereal Tier Boss
Chapter 521: The Vampire Inheritance
Chapter 522: Wei Yan Er goes to University!
Chapter 523: Please, Save My Son!
Chapter 524: Level 4 Guild Upgrade Order
Chapter 525: Land of Savages
Chapter 526: Slaughtering the Indians
Chapter 527: The Hidden Properties of a Battle Companion
Chapter 528: Attribute Growth Star Points
Chapter 529: The Harpy Queen
Chapter 530: The Messenger Man
Chapter 531: Violet Thunderhawk
Chapter 532: Assault of the Japan-Korea Region
Chapter 533: The Empire Helps Back
Chapter 534: 1 vs 30,000 (1)
Chapter 535: 1 vs 30,000 (2)
Chapter 536: 1 vs 30,000 (3)
Chapter 537: 1 vs 30,000 (4)
Chapter 538: Wrap Up
Chapter 539: The War's Post Mortem
Chapter 540: A Conflict of Interests
Chapter 541: Slow-acting poison
Chapter 542: Slow-acting poison
Chapter 543: Heavily Fortified Goblin Campsite
Chapter 544: The Appearance of the First Player with a Class A Inheritance
Chapter 545: The Return of Dusk Phoenix
Chapter 546: The Blood Spider Queen
Chapter 547: Abominating Guillotine Axe
Chapter 548: Breaking the Second Seal
Chapter 549: The Bliss in the Pool
Chapter 550: A Malicious Invite
Chapter 551: Disguise vs Disguise
Chapter 552: One Sided Victory
Chapter 553: A Tiny Debt
Chapter 554: The Pirate’s Treasure Map
Chapter 555: Baroque Island
Chapter 556: Lion’s Pride
Chapter 557: Mountain Rat
Chapter 558: The 12 Chinese Zodiacs
Chapter 559: The Pirate’s Old Lair
Chapter 560: Snowman Snow
Chapter 561: Crimson Flame of the ‘Blazing Flame’
Chapter 562: ‘Light-Speed' Light
Chapter 563: Blackbeard Ditch
Chapter 564: Ferocious Battle with Blackbeard
Chapter 565: Darkness Inheritance
Chapter 566: Ancient Creatures
Chapter 567: The Legendary Quest
Chapter 568: Sword of Purging Devourer, a Shock to the World
Chapter 569: Frenzied Attacks
Chapter 570: All Out Attack
Chapter 571: Fallback
Chapter 572: The Melancholic of Sword of Light
Chapter 573: Sharing the Loots
Chapter 574: Reinforcement
Chapter 575: Preventing Future Trouble
Chapter 576: Queen of Blades
Chapter 577: To Whom It Belongs
Chapter 578: Certain Defeat
Chapter 579: Shadow Dancer Inheritance
Chapter 580: The Devastating Assault of the God of War
Chapter 581: Shadow Clone
Chapter 582: Warlord Hachir
Chapter 583: Two in a Row!
Chapter 584: Frost Lord Maron Curse
Chapter 585: A Chopped-off
Chapter 586: Lost of Control over the Progress of the Dungeon
Chapter 587: Final Assault
Chapter 588: Victory!
Chapter 589: Crown of the Living Frost
Chapter 590: Princess Helena
Chapter 591: Castle Anjar
Chapter 592: The Reason for His Past
Chapter 593: Saving Banct
Chapter 594: Standing Guard
Chapter 595: A Fierce Fight with the Japanese and Koreans
Chapter 596: A Change of Stream
Chapter 597: Scared
Chapter 598: Helping Out
Chapter 599: The Myth Assaults
Chapter 600: Chokehold
Chapter 601: Liu Wei’s Torture
Chapter 602: Hachilles
Chapter 603: A Close Call
Chapter 604: Armor Piercing Potion
Chapter 605: Finding Alice
Chapter 606: The Black-Hearted Goblin
Chapter 607: Saving the Villagers
Chapter 608: Sosh
Chapter 609: Eat Your Way to Level Up!
Chapter 610: Level 120
Chapter 611: The Dark Knight
Chapter 612: The First Step to Acquiring Phoenix Pet
Chapter 613: Hunt for the Mello Ram
Chapter 614: Metamorphosis
Chapter 615: Darkness Inheritance
Chapter 616: High Priestess Chiffony
Chapter 617: Possession
Chapter 618: Milkmaid Deity
Chapter 619: The Secret
Chapter 620: Blazing Fire Phoenix
Chapter 621: Death Arbiter
Chapter 622: One Sword Stroke Versus Death Arbiter
Chapter 623: Fight with Everything You Have!
Chapter 624: Phoenix Transformation
Chapter 625: A Torturous Torture
Chapter 626: World League Championship
Chapter 627: Quarterfinals
Chapter 628: A ‘Different’ Tactic
Chapter 629: A Wild Pussy has appear!
Chapter 629: A Wild Pussy has appear!
Chapter 630: How to Treat Your guest
Chapter 631: Reverse Play
Chapter 632: Semifinal
Chapter 633: Let the Finals begin!
Chapter 634: Full Recovery Potion
Chapter 635: Absolute Slaughter!
Chapter 636: Gurant’s Thumb Ring
Chapter 637: The Soul Breaker
Chapter 638: War of Nations
Chapter 639: Game of Thrones
Chapter 640: The Curtains Fall Perfectly
Chapter 641: Gagaro’s Mist
Chapter 642: Contest on the Bridge
Chapter 643: Mist Skeleton King
Chapter 644: Resurrection Monolith
Chapter 645: The Mist Blood Zombie
Chapter 646: The Zombie Lord
Chapter 647: Necromancer
Chapter 648: The Necromancer Garces
Chapter 649: Mist Death Knight
Chapter 650: Death Knight, Ishildur
Chapter 651: Blood Driven Madness
Chapter 652: Ghastly Frost Dragon
Chapter 653: A Decisive Battle with the Ghost Dragon
Chapter 654: Dragon Slayer Battle Axe
Chapter 655: Identifying Scroll
Chapter 656: Light of the Rainbow
Chapter 657: Gathering the Feathers
Chapter 658: Hartens
Chapter 659: A Vulture
Chapter 660: Phony Crap
Chapter 661: Deep Sleep
Chapter 662: Brain Dead
Chapter 663: Death Moon Pirates
Chapter 664: Mythical Dense Water
Chapter 665: The Dark Magician Brosh
Chapter 666: Abyssal Blast
Chapter 667: Breaking the Third Seal
Chapter 668: Another Serious Blood Loss
Chapter 669: Felice’s Advancement
Chapter 670: Charge Up Strike
Chapter 671: Exposing the Atrocious Side
Chapter 672: One Trouble after Another
Chapter 673: A Bottled Up Battle
Chapter 674: Strike Back on the Japan-Korea Region
Chapter 675: The True Pushing Technique
Chapter 676: Eternal Flame
Chapter 677: Mar Gaia Forest
Chapter 678: Getting Back The One Ring
Chapter 679: The Dark Rider
Chapter 680: The One Ring
Chapter 681: Souron’s Castle
Chapter 682: Orc Leader Grandlar
Chapter 683: The Dark One, Souron
Chapter 684: Dark Star Shield
Chapter 685: Legendary Tier
Chapter 686: The Fight for Souron’s Castle
Chapter 687: Spamming the Forbidden Scroll
Chapter 688: Backstabbing
Chapter 689: The New Territory
Chapter 690: Background of the Eternal Flame
Chapter 691: Spider Kingdom
Chapter 692: Red Dragon Pet
Chapter 693: Dragon Marquis
Chapter 694: Andros’s Wrath
Chapter 695: Dark Mist Canyon
Chapter 696: Andros’s Shadow Clone
Chapter 697: Real Demonic Battle Boots
Chapter 698: Cheng Xue Yao
Chapter 699: Newbie
Chapter 700: Snowbark
Chapter 701: Book of Revelations - The Eighth Chapter
Chapter 702: Identity
Chapter 703: Mythical Dragon Realm
Chapter 704: The Four Man Team
Chapter 705: Dominance
Chapter 706: Victory
Chapter 707: Blood Thirsty Skeletal Soldier
Chapter 708: Violet Scale Spiked-Back Creeper
Chapter 709: Crimson Fire Crow
Chapter 710: Darok
Chapter 711: The Way to Fight is to Lose?
Chapter 712: Savage Bone Crushing Hammer
Chapter 713: Probing into the truth
Chapter 714: Information For Sale
Chapter 715: The Ghostface Monkey King
Chapter 716: Empowered Damage Output
Chapter 717: High Tier Territory
Chapter 718: Forrest Gump’s Fortress
Chapter 719: A Second Forbidden Magic
Chapter 720: A Chaotic Battle
Chapter 721: Book of Revelation: Chapter 4
Chapter 722: A Fierce Battle with God’s Left Hand
Chapter 723: Book of Revelation: Chapter 10
Chapter 724: The Spectres Invade
Chapter 725: Tower Clearing
Chapter 726: More Set Equipment
Chapter 727: The Proof is Here
Chapter 728: Everything Out
Chapter 729: Destruction of the Mithril Refinery
Chapter 730: Skeletal Smith
Chapter 731: The Dragon Race – Longador
Chapter 732: Two-Handed Weapon
Chapter 733: Ancient Spiritual Beast King
Chapter 734: A ‘Fun’ Situation to All Parties Indeed
Chapter 735: A Seize
Chapter 736: Apocalyptic Bondage
Chapter 737: Fall between Two Stools
Chapter 738: Protect the Giant Dragon!
Chapter 739: World Boss
Chapter 740: Skeleton Admiral Mathuven
Chapter 741: Siege
Chapter 742: The Fall of Mathuven
Chapter 743: A Sight to Behold: The Lord of the Seven Spectre King
Chapter 744: Dark Source Stone
Chapter 745: Newly Researched and Developed Corrosive Beast
Chapter 746: Darkness Falls
Chapter 747: A Losing War
Chapter 748: The Search for Reinforcement
Chapter 749: Unauthorized Entry
Chapter 750: A Stronger Felice
Chapter 751: The First Attempt to Counterattack
Chapter 752: The Light of Victory
Chapter 753: Adequate Preparation
Chapter 754: Ending the Boss Fight
Chapter 755: Magnificent Treasure
Chapter 756: The Additional Effect of the Book of Revelation
Chapter 757: Loch Ness Monster
Chapter 758: Island in the Center of the Earth
Chapter 759: Frosty Chimera Cub
Chapter 760: Servant Guardian
Chapter 761: Book of Revelation: Chapter 5
Chapter 762: Gold Tier Servant
Chapter 763: Drop it with Money!
Chapter 764: A Solid Hit in the Face
Chapter 765: The Second World League Championship
Chapter 766: Retaining the title as the Champions
Chapter 767: Marlin's Land of Salt
Chapter 768: Searching for Water
Chapter 769: Exterminating the Z'orlak Orcs
Chapter 770: The Spectre Cavern
Chapter 771: Skeletal Guardian, Antarkt
Chapter 772: Taking down the first boss!
Chapter 773: Aluonu the Gargoyle
Chapter 774: Remedial Measures
Chapter 775: Replicating the Magic Circle
Chapter 776: The War Chariot System
Chapter 777: Defeat the Ambitious Schemer Brocks
Chapter 778: The Function of the Kingcross’s Sword
Chapter 779: The Revival of a Salted Fish
Chapter 780: A Variable Tank
Chapter 781: Tank's Prowess
Chapter 782: Sandra The Rover
Chapter 783: A Wind-Up Work!
Chapter 784: Armadillomon’s Leash
Chapter 785: Planning
Chapter 786: Kidnap!
Chapter 787: Ill-Fate
Chapter 788: Beginning of a storm
Chapter 789: Proof of Innocence
Chapter 790: The Race to Level 200
Chapter 791: Battle of the Best
Chapter 792: The Gates of Hell
Chapter 793: Entering the Holy City
Chapter 794: The Qualifications
Chapter 795: Harcus the Old Gambler
Chapter 796: The Ancient Hybrid Beast King
Chapter 797: Greling Crypt
Chapter 798: Spectre Ghost King Hargino
Chapter 799: The Prowess of the Gates of Hell
Chapter 800: Snow Queen Inheritance
Chapter 801: New Party Members
Chapter 802: Tesseract
Chapter 803: Baa'ljilr the Imposter
Chapter 804: Death Source Stone
Chapter 805: Poseidon’s Pearl
Chapter 806: RE:Gates of Hell's
Chapter 807: The Spectre’s Heart
Chapter 808: Enhancing the equipment
Chapter 809: The Search for the Wind Essence Pearl
Chapter 810: The Four Essence Pearls
Chapter 811: Fire Elemental Core
Chapter 812: Flame Elemental Lord Ganesh
Chapter 813: The Ice Weaver Set Equipment
Chapter 814: Frost Lord, Antoine
Chapter 815: Shadow Lord Margalor
Chapter 816: Switch Targets
Chapter 817: Lord of Light, Dustan
Chapter 818: Ending the Fight
Chapter 819: Unlimited Life Works
Chapter 820: Equipment Upgrade System
Chapter 821: The Start of the Invasion
Chapter 822: Void Dweller, the Crosser
Chapter 823: Queen of Misery Zhura
Chapter 824: Demonic Pearl
Chapter 825: The Fifth Wave, Flames of Fire
Chapter 826: Aimore Mage Captian Heaphy
Chapter 827: Tactical Retreat
Chapter 828: Gate of Hell Activated!
Chapter 829: Annihilation!
Chapter 830: Demon Commander Isles
Chapter 831: A Close Call
Chapter 832: Sky Slicer
Chapter 833: Staying In The Lead
Chapter 834: Demon Lord Kenzack
Chapter 835: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Chapter 836: Killing the Celestial tier Boss
Chapter 837: Goddess of War Scion Form
Chapter 838: Song of Despair
Chapter 839: The Fallen Wind Ranger
Chapter 840: God Killer Chest Plate
Chapter 841: Regalia
Chapter 842: Sharing is Caring
Chapter 843: Blazing Coral
Chapter 844: Returning A Favor with Emnity
Chapter 845: Maya the Devourer
Chapter 846: Drawn-out Battle
Chapter 847: Takedown
Chapter 848: Demon Lord Hulkinsh
Chapter 849: Soloing a Celestial Tier Boss!
Chapter 850: Acquisition Succeeded!
Chapter 851: The Disbanding of Eternal Flame
Chapter 852: Reckless Attempt
Chapter 853: An Unprecedented Finale
Chapter 854: Battle!
Chapter 855: Smoldering Intensity
Chapter 856: Conclusion