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After lunch, even though Mu Chenyan and Mother Yue wanted Raelle and Shui Xian to stay but both ladies didn't say it. They both knew it was important for Shui Xian and Raelle to spend more and more time alone to cultivate feelings and to understand each other better. It was already noon, it'd be better if they could send them on a romantic night out!

Raelle had never been the kind of person who would spend hours saying just a simple goodbye. It was just one word, how hard was it to say? And how long did it take to say it? That's why she had already come out of the house while Shui Xian was still pleasantly chatting with the ladies. He was gentle and very respectful towards the elders and that anyone could see.

Hyson followed Raelle out and said, "Xian Ge is really amazing. It's rare to see my mother getting impressed by someone so easily."

"He is my husband," was Raelle's answer.

Hyson looked at her face. Did she really have to show-off like that? He knew that already! Just because she was amazing, her husband had to be amazing! He really got that logic of hers already! There was no need to repeat it over and over again.

"How many times are you gonna repeat that?" questioned Hyson in exasperation. "Like a broken record!"

Raelle turned her eyes towards him, "I can repeat it for as long as I want. Do you think anyone can stop me?"

Hyson shook his head, "No, your highness! Who would dare stop you? Mere mortals like us can't challenge monsters like you. Oops, my mistake! I meant, immortals like you."

Raelle gazed into his eyes, "Hyson, there isn't much difference between immortals, mortals, and monsters. Mortals are always the starting point. It's the mortals who ascend to heaven to become immortals and those are also mortals who descend to hell to take the shape of monsters! Don't forget that."

Hyson blinked at her before he laughed out. It started as low laughter but soon, it got louder. He poked Raelle's temple with his index finger before he said, "If you won't say such wise words, no one will think your IQ is declining." He took a pause and added, "I mean, don't always speak your wise words."

"Why? It's too much for your negative IQ?" questioned Raelle.

Hyson chuckled at her happily. He didn't get mad at all as he nodded, "Yeah. It's too much for my negative IQ. I feel attacked by your words." As they stood in silence, Hyson looked at the rose in Raelle's hand. He had actually noticed it as early as he had set his eyes on her today. But he thought she just picked it from inside his house since his mother loved to bring flowers home.

But now that Raelle wasn't even letting it go, Hyson had to rethink.

"Where did you get the rose?" he asked. Raelle pointed towards Shui Xian with her chin. "Your husband gave it?" Raelle nodded in reply. "Wow!" He smiled at her as he said, "I also want to give you a pink rose."

Raelle tore her gaze away from her rose and glanced back at Hyson. "Why?"

"To say thanks," he replied. Seeing Raelle's blank eyes, he went on, "Pink rose symbolizes gratitude and joy. And I want to give it to you not only to show my gratitude but also to show how happy I am right now because of you."

Raelle caressed the petals softly as she wondered out loud, "Then why he gave it to me? To say thanks or express his happiness?"

"Maybe both," suggested Hyson. Then he leaned close to whisper, "By the way, pink roses are also seen as a token of admiration. Now what meaning behind this rose is, only your husband can clear that mystery."

"What if I'm not that curious to solve the mystery?" retorted Raelle and Hyson was taken aback. The curious cat, Raelle Xiang was not curious! Did he somehow wake up in an alternate universe? Seeing how Hyson looked at her, Raelle added, "It doesn't really matter what meaning it has. Isn't it enough that it's my first time receiving a flower like this? Also, instead of the meaning, I'm more interested in who gave it to me."

Hyson's lips curved up and he nodded his head, "You're right. As long as the rose is from your husband, the meaning behind it really doesn't matter."

"But I am curious to know why you want to thank me," said Raelle.

"For believing in me... For saying those words of encouragement that are so like you and yet they touched my heart... For one of the warmest hugs of my life... And for being you... Also, for being in my life," replied Hyson with a big smile plastered on his face. Even if he cursed her to hell, he'd still be the one to compliment her to heaven as well.

The relationship between them had always been like that.

As Shui Xian came out of the house with the ladies, they saw Raelle and Hyson talking at the side amiably. Seeing them like that Mu Chenyan said, "These two really alike." Shui Xian looked at her and she went on, "Haven't you already noticed?" Shui Xian couldn't say he didn't but he still wanted to hear what she had to say. "They both are innocent devils. They'd hurt you with their words but they would do it in such an innocent way. They'd be jabbing at each other with their words but then innocently go back to being the best friends."

Shui Xian had experienced the attack of their innocence firsthand. So, he knew what she was talking out on a personal level now.

Mother Yue typed something on her phone and showed it to Shui Xian who read the strings of words before his eyes, 'Come again! You don't have to hesitate.'

Shui Xian smiled at her, "I think I'll be coming often to taste your food from now on. But first, I'd love to invite you over for dinner sometime."

Mu Chenyan chuckled at him, "You don't worry about that. Just tell me the day, I'll drag Yue over."

"I'll count on you then." Shui Xian said his goodbye and called out to Raelle, "Wifey, let's go home!"

Raelle turned to look at him and walked over. Her pace wasn't hurried, but it wasn't slow either as she came by his side and held his hand saying, "Let's go home!" Shui Xian gave her a sparkling smile before they walked away.