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37 Where Did It Go Wrong

Chu'mei could see from the distance, a dripping wet and flustered Yu Mei making her way back. That agitated look on her lady was never a good sign. That was something Chu'mei picked up quickly.

"Xiaojie," Chu'mei greeted. Yu Mei only pouted her lips and slammed her door open. A confused but very curious Chu'mei followed behind.

Chu'mei waited until her lady had finished changing before saying anything. "Xiaojie, did something bad happen?"

"That stupid jerk came back early. I was caught!" Yu Mei kicked her bedpost a few times. "Stupid Pei Nan. Stupid, stupid, stupid!" after several more kicks, she felt much better.

"What happened?" Chu'mei asked worriedly when she sensed how angry her lady had become. It was strange. "What do you think happened? I had to help him wash up." Just saying it, Yu Mei felt a chill. She never wanted to experience that horror ever again.

*giggle* Yu Mei glared at the laughing Chu'mei. "Chu'mei! What are you laughing at? I've been wrong!"

"Xiaojie, it's normal for a husband and wife to bathe together. Why are you getting all worked up?" Chu'mei linked her arms with Yu Mei's, dragging her over to the mirror. Now that they were in front of the mirror, Yu Mei gave a confused look. Why did Chu'mei bring her over?

"What do you see?" Chu'mei asked merrily.

"Have you gone crazy? It's me! Who else could it be?"

"Of course I know it's you. But how do you see yourself?"

Yu Mei looked at the figure in the mirror and thought about it for a moment. "Mmm...Average but very cute. What about it?" Chu'mei walked in front of her and smiled. "Right, you are average. The fact that Prince Nan has taken more interest in you even though you are not a beauty is a good thing." She happily pointed her finger at Yu Mei's face. Her little assumption made Yu Mei want to cry even more now. Yu Mei slapped her finger away. "That's not a good thing. Didn't he use to hate me? Why the sudden change?" Yu Mei walked over to her bed and sat down. It didn't make sense to her. She wished he would continue to ignore her. What went wrong?

While Yu Mei was having a major headache trying to find out what his problem was; Pei Nan himself was trying to figure out what his problem was too.

Pei Nan was lying on his bed with both arms stretched behind his head. [What is wrong with me?] Even Pei Nan didn't know when he had started going over to Yu Mei's Southern Palace. He recalled the past, trying to figure out when he had suddenly started changing?

Before marriage, he had never seen her before. When his father the emperor decreed the marriage between him, the Prince of Xi and Princess of Wei, he was furious. Pei Nan was already in love with the Marquis of Xu's daughter Fei Ning at that time. But the marriage between Pei Nan and Yu Mei was a political marriage even Pei Nan couldn't refuse.

At that time, he had made a visit to the state of Wei and met Yu Mei. He remembered the first time he saw her. Her looks were innocent and her personality was of one who was thoughtful and upright.

6 months ago***

A 20 year old Pei Nan was walking along the Plains of Wei with the 17 year old Yu Mei. They had been casually chatting for a while. This was their first conversation together and Pei Nan felt that Yu Mei wasn't so bad. She was shy and polite.

When they were walking back to the palace, he had brought up the subject he especially made a trip for. "Princess Yu Mei," he politely got her attention.

"Yes," Yu Mei turned around, speaking politely.

"I don't know how to say this without offending you." Pei Nan was feeling awkward. He had no clue that the woman he was about to reject was going to be so sweet. "Prince Nan, we are about to be husband and wife. Whatever you have to say, I will not take offense to it." She smiled sweetly at him.

"I'm not going to lie. My trip this time to Wei is to talk about our marriage. I already have a lover I plan to marry. If you wish to back out of this marriage, I understand." Yu Mei's heart shattered into a thousand pieces at this moment. This was the man she knew she would marry. She begged her father multiple times, even refusing to marry Prince Shao who she was originally set to marry because of Prince Nan. But now…he was telling her he had a woman in his heart already. Yu Mei could only swallow the pain as she looked up at him. "I don't care if you have a lover. I still wish to be your wife. I know that you will become the future emperor and will have many consorts in the future. I do not mind as long as you give me a piece of your heart." She tried her hardest to stay calm.

"To marry me, I only wish to take you in as a royal consort." He firmly told her.

"As long as you are willing to marry me, I am willing."

"The only thing I can promise you is a comfortable life."

"I don't believe I can't gain your heart in the future."

"I will send someone over in a few days." Pei Nan coldly ignored her declaration towards him. Yu Mei could only tug at her sleeves and watch as he faded before her eyes. [Pei Nan, you are ruthless. Why did I fall for you?]

It took a whole week before Yu Mei and Pei Nan met again but this time in the State of Xi. Yu Mei was dressed in her red bridal gown adorned with hundreds of pearl beads. Fit for the wife of Prince Nan. She sat in the nuptial chamber, anxiously waiting for Pei Nan. Yu Mei waited and waited and waited but Pei Nan never came.

Who knew that the first person to greet her in her nuptial chamber would be Fei Ning the next morning.


That day he met Pan Yu Mei in the Plains of Wei was the only time he could remember her being gentle. As he recalled the days after marriage with Yu Mei, they became more and more terrible as the days passed. He had sensed her personality change the first day. It only went downhill from there. Yu Mei was always causing trouble at the Northern Palace and throwing tantrums. It was to the point where Pei Nan couldn't tolerate it. There were so many reasons he didn't want to see Yu Mei. He never paid attention to her in the past, so why did he feel the need to do so now? Was it because he had become used to her showing up in front of him daily? Or because he felt she was plotting a scheme? Or did she secretly creep into his heart somewhere along the line?

The flustered Pei Nan didn't know what to think. He didn't want to think about it anymore. He closed his eyes, trying to get some sleep. As he slowly drifted into a deep sleep, he made up his mind. He would no longer care about Yu Mei's matters.