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80 Returning His Kiss

Inside the lightly lit room was the haughty Pei Nan with his hands stretched on the side of the pool and the beat red Yu Mei. The doors were tightly shut. No one in sight but them. She stood there with both hands stiffly held together.

"Pan Yu Mei. Don't tell me you plan on standing there all night?" He sarcastically asked.

"Can I?" her eyes lit with hope. As long as he said yes, she would be more than happy to take her leave.

Pei Nan growled. His patience was running low with her. Did she know how impatient she made him. So why was she teasing him now? If this went on any longer, he would die of frustration.

"Shall I come over to you instead?" Pei Nan slowly started to stand.

"NO! I'll come over." Yu Mei shouted with her face turned away. Using both hands to cover her face, she steadied her heart. "You stay in the water. I'll come over." Pei Nan wanted to laugh when he heard how shaky her voice had become.

"I'm only giving you ten seconds before I come over." He threatened.

Still with her head faced away, she dipped her feet into the pool. He watched as her body submerged into the water. It was a pity she was fully dressed. But Pei Nan knew her character well enough that she would keep arguing with him. In the end, he would lose and her clothes would still be attached. Might as well keep her on the happy side.

But he had to admit; she was quite the sly one to wear an all-black tunic. Did she really think that by doing so, he wouldn't be able to imagine her without it. She was wrong. He was looking at her like a wild beast.

Every step she took was like a step closer into the tiger's den. The water barely covered her chest. Seeing her clothes cling onto her skin was enough to make Pei Nan's body go hot.

Yu Mei stopped when she was an arm's distance. She assumed that would be a good distance but she was dead wrong.

"Eeek~" A high screech left her mouth. Yu Mei's hands were placed snuggly in front of Nan's chest; The only way she could keep the distance between the cunning Pei Nan and her. She tried to wiggle her way out by pushing her arms all directions but he was not letting go. She had no choice but to frown at him. She did not expect to be met with a pair of beautiful yet flirtatious eyes.

Pei Nan had already planned to trap her in his arms the moment he could reach her. Both his arms were wrapped around her waist. With the help of the water, he easily pulled her into his arms.

Having her this close to him was his biggest regret. He wanted her even more. It didn't help that her arms were rubbing against his chest. He was getting sexually frustrated. Her little attempt at escaping only stimulated him more.

"Your highness!" Yu Mei stopped struggling and called out his name viciously. She was angered.

"Yes?" he asked innocently. The little frustrated look on her face…he had to admit was quite adorable.

"Didn't you promise to keep your hands off me? What is this?" she looked down at his arms.

"I didn't lie. This whole time my hands have not touched you one bit. My arms on the other hand…" he was clearly being clever with her. [AH~ Who did you get this slyness from? You jerk!] She complained silently.

Pei Nan unwillingly released her.

"Can a husband not tease his wife?" This was his most teasing voice in a long time.

Pei Nan decided to stop teasing her and turned around, showing only his back to her. "I'm tired, help me wash up." He took a few steps towards the edge of the pool, crossed both arms on top of the surface and laid his head.

"If you don't hurry, I might not be able to hold back my urge to hug you once more."

"You…" Yu Mei quickly covered her chest with both hands. She carefully walked next to him and grabbed the towel.

Now that Pei Nan was behaving himself, Yu Mei finally got a chance to admire his back. His broad shoulders and his bronze back…her face began to turn beat red. What was wrong with her?

She just thought back on the first time she was here with him. The unspeakable things he made her do. She made in air fist at him.

"Hurry!" he complained.

The towel in her hand lightly went to touch his right shoulder. She gently cleansed his shoulders, slowly moving down his back. Cleaning was one thing but secretly appreciating his body was another thing. Her eyes were being bad.

Minutes passed.

She didn't know what had possessed her to make a move on him. Her hand had stretched forward, fingers lightly grazing his back.

The moment her hand touched his, he lost it. He had been forcing himself to relax this whole time but she had to provoke him.


A light wave of water encircled the two. Yu Mei's back was pushed against the pool wall with Pei Nan's arm as support. One hand embraced her back while the other gently held onto her nape.

His lips pressed forward while his hand freely roamed around her back, refusing to go any slower. The softness of his kiss made her legs go limp.

The nerves in her body tremored as his kiss intensified. He nibbled her lips, making them grow slightly swollen. The bit of rubble on his face rubbed against her smooth face. An unfamiliar feeling she quickly took a liking to.

Her protest turned into helplessness to desire.

She returned his kiss.

Their kiss went on silently. His hand wildly tussling her hair. Finally her breathing became irregular. He knew he had to part. His movements became gentler, brushing his lips lightly against hers before parting.

The two were left there panting for a few moments. Yu Mei's muddle mind finally cleared up. She had gotten confused just now. Did she desire him or not. She didn't get a chance to answer her own question.

Pei Nan gently lifted her chin up to him. He looked into her clear crystal eyes. "Yu Mei~" he softly called, sending chills down her spine. "Serve me tonight, okay?" His hand went up to caress her rosy pink cheek. Yu Mei quickly caught a hold of his hand. "Your highness has just returned from a long journey. I dare not trouble you. Your highness should get some rest. After all, your health is the most important."

He looked disappointed.

"Okay. Have a good rest too." He softly replied.

Yu Mei had never left that place so fast in her life. Even as she was leaving, she could still feel her heart beat like crazy.