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Two days…

It took two days for Pei Nan to return to her side.

Pan Yu Mei had been taking a stroll with her master around the inn when she saw Pei Nan. In that moment, she felt all the pent up concern, impatience and anxiety of waiting for him finally leave.

He really came back.

At that moment when her eyes met his, she knew she loved him. She had loved him a long time ago.

She stood still with her master at her side while Pei Nan made his way towards her. Old Man Wu nodded his head at Pei Nan, a greeting gesture. Pei Nan returned the greeting. Then he pat Yu Mei's shoulder. "You two have been separated for a long time. Have a good long talk."

"Thank you."

Now, it was just the two of them. The atmosphere turned awkward. Pan Yu Mei couldn't look at him anymore. Not with the crazy little heart of hers.

She looked at the ground as her hand touched the loose strand of her by her ear. And she pushed it behind. [Think! What do I say?] She bit her lips.

Her mind was so scattered, she didn't even notice he had made his way already.

"Pan Yu Mei!" His voice sounded just as awkward as her greeting.

"Hi." She waved clumsily.

Pei Nan let out a small chuckle. She hadn't seen him in only 6 days and she was already back to being her clumsy self. She was too adorable, he thought.

Wanting her for himself, he grabbed that awkward hand of hers and pulled her near him. They were no more than an inch apart. He didn't care who saw or talked down on their unabashed actions. All he knew was that he missed her and the world did not matter.

Pan Yu Mei took the initiative to take the next step forward and wrap her tiny figure within his. She leaned her head on his chest. She could hear his heart beat; soft yet fast.

"Your highness smells nice." She shyly yet boldly spoke, getting a soft chuckle in return.

"I've been traveling day and night just to be standing here. How can you say I smell nice? Don't you think you are being a bit outrageous?" He asked amused.

Her grip on his back tightened. "It's true though. Your highness does smell nice. Not just nice, but really REALLY nice." She emphasized. His scent…she would never forget. It was him who made her calm the night she was abducted. It was him who came to her rescue. In his arms, she always felt safe. Even if she was to be reborn again and forgot how he looked like, she would recognize him by his scent.

"Do you know how shameless you are being?" He chuckled lightheartedly.

"En." She's been shameless since day one, so why should she deny it now.

Pei Nan stroked the side of her head. "If you can't part with the way I smell, I guess you'll just have to stick with me for eternity." He too was being shameless.

Just like her unpredictable personality, Yu Mei made a sudden escape. She put distance between them and turned her back to him. "If that's the case, I'll just go find someone who smells just like you." She took a step forwarded but was pulled right back into his embrace. Her back leaned on his chest while her lips turned into a cunning grin.

He locked both his arms around hers, refusing to let her leave. "Pan Yu Mei, you dare?" He coyly whispered behind her ear, making her ticklish. She pushed her shoulder up slightly. "Of course I dare. What hasn't your highness seen me do before? I dare to and more."

"You little vixen." It took all his strength not to take liberty with her. He loved the playful side of her.

Pei Nan leaned his body forward, engulfing her figure in his. He lightly nipped her ear. "Tell me you missed me." This time his voice was hoarse and raspy. She didn't know how badly he had wanted her at this moment. The moment she said she would find someone else, his jealousy kicked in. He wanted nothing more than to take her in his arm and make her his women.

He knew he did not deserve such a woman but seeing her with another man, he too did not want that. No man was worthy of her.

Yu Mei's shoulders pushed up like a little turtle at his touch. "Your highness, refrain yourself. You're being too brazen." She lightly scolded him.

Instead, he nipped her ear once more. "Well? Then tell me. Did you miss me?"

She pouted her lips.

"Your highness already knows the answer to that. If I didn't miss you, would I have hugged you? So unobservant."

He turned her around. The next thing she knew, both the sides of her face was being cupped by his highness's warm hands.

A deep rough kiss was planted on her lips. His kiss turned more sweet...more passionate; making her lips swollen. Her body burned with desire.

As if passion took over her, she roughly grabbed the back of his nape and returned his kiss.

Their lips intertwining in a fiery hot kiss.

His lips unwillingly parted ways when he felt her irregular breathing. She didn't get more than two sucks of breath before he softly bit the bottom of her lips.

He moved in for another kiss.

Their second kiss was just as hot and passionate as the first.

Before he could get ahead of himself, he stopped and placed his forehead next to hers. "I've missed you."


When Yu Mei got back to her room, she was squirming like a little girl all over again. Even when she lay in bed, she had to cover her face with a pillow to stop herself from squealing. So this is what it felt to be in love, she grinned idiotically.

She wasn't the only one having trouble sleeping. Pei Nan was soaking in a nice cold bath.


He needed relief.

This woman had just taken over all his senses. He knew how dangerous her touches were to him but he couldn't help it. It was as if his body was attracted to her.

Even when he was suffering down there, he was able to laugh to himself. At least she had accepted him. This little suffering of his was well-worth it.


That night, Yu Mei was tossing and turning in her bed. She had another dream. This time he had left the original Pan Yu Mei on the side of the road. He told her he didn't care whether she came back or not. And then he truly left her there.


When Yu Mei woke up, she could not pretend these were just dreams. The real Pan Yu Mei was trying to tell her something. She owed him the truth and he too, owed her the same.