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Tales of Herding Gods

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Updates:1137 Founding Emperor Visits the Celestial Heavens

There’s an ancient saying in Great Ruins, ‘Don’t go outside when it’s dark.’ In Great Ruins, the disabled elders of Disabled Elderly Village picked up an infant by the riverside and named him Qin Mu, raising him up with blood and sweat. This day, as the night descended and the darkness shrouded Great Ruins, Qin Mu left home… Become a villain undulating i...
《Tales of Herding Gods》 Volume 1
1 Don’t Go Outside When It’s Dark
2 The Blood Of The Four Spirits
3 Divine Arts
4 Heavenly Devil Creation Technique
5 Li River’s Five Elders
6 Die, Young'un!
7 Spirit Embryo Wall
8 Granny’s Skin
9 Pink Skeletons
10 Invasion of Darkness
11 Breaking the Wall
12 Peerless Battle Techniques
13 Beaten To Death
14 Vital Qi Body Refinemen
15 Walking On Water
16 The Little Girl In The Temple
17 Spirit Embryo Wall Break
18 Horrible Child
19 Overlord Body Awakened
20 Human Shaped Spirit Embryo
21 Power Of Medicine
22 Secret Of The Stone Statues
23 Disrespecting The Gods
24 Destroying The God In His Hear
25 The Second Awakening
26 Thickness Of An Arm
27 Spirit Embryo Technique
28 Shadow On The Wall
29 Small Cheat, Big Chea
30 Seeking Revenge
31 Li River Sword Skills
32 Meeting The Divine Spear
33 Sword Pelle
34 Grandma Temple
35 Temple Fair
36 Great Thunderclap Monastery
37 So Loud That Even Deaf Could Hear
38 Rulai’s Mahayana Sutra
39 Sunshine Refining Yang Soul In The Sky
40 Cusp Of The Gus
41 Pushing The Knife
42 Phantom Of The Nigh
43 The Demon Rushing Home
44 Heavenly Devil Patriarch
45 Surging River Dragon Palace
46 Dragon!
47 The Third Person
48 Dragon’s Soul
49 An Elixir Hear
50 Little Fox Demon
51 Cult Mistress
52 Sold For A Good Price
53 Demonstration Of Power
54 Three Hundred And Sixty Houses
55 Number One Sword Skill In The World
56 Stab
57 Cathouse Hall Master
58 Young Cult Master
59 The Third Awakening
60 General Qin And Seventh Young Master
61 Ice Tide
62 Spoiling Your Meri
63 X, A, H
64 Raising Mountains And Rivers In A Cane
65 Fragrance Of Tree Peony
66 Worshipping The River Gods
67 The City That Never Sleeps
68 Fighting Through An Alley
69 Elegant And Graceful
70 Demons And Monsters
71 Let Me Kill Someone
72 Slaughter The Son To Pay The Bill
73 Assassinations On Festooned Stree
74 Change In Ownership Of Dragon City
75 Qin Mu’s Properties
76 Troops Of Wolves And Tigers
77 Heavenly Painting Crown Prince
78 Sun Ship
79 Sun Herders Of Great Ruins
80 Sun Guardian
81 Dark Realm
82 The Qin Of Qin Mu
83 The Ultimate Armaments
84 The Strangeness In The Darkness
85 Lone Boat On The Sea Of Fog
86 Living Realm Of The Dead
87 Trap
88 Heavenly Devil Horde
89 Sword Against The Devil Horde
90 Horizontal Sword On Knees To Slay Demons
91 Moon Guardian
92 Professional Test Breaker
93 Heaven Pilfering Sun Switching
94 Painting Dragons And Dotting Eyes
95 Sword
96 Sword Treading Mountains And Rivers
97 Singing Voice In The Water
98 Secret Waters
99 Path Of The Sain
100 Seven Writings Of Creation
101 Corpse Immortal Cul
102 Divine Arts Practitioner
103 Corpse Killing Needles
104 Baddies Leaving The Village
105 Lizhou Prefecture Magistrate
106 Poisoned
107 Fight Ten With One Hand
108 The Crowd From Dragon Rider Sec
109 Black Feathers And Red Crests
110 Cathouse And Flower Alley
111 Heavenly Devils Dancing On Water
112 Five Elements Wall Break
113 Divine Physician
114 Die Right Away
115 Demonic Nature
116 Heart Of A Newborn
117 Sword Sweeping Celestial Dipper
118 Emperor
119 Off With Your Head
120 Patriarch’s Examination
121 Many Rules In Capital City
122 Unrivalled In Five Elements
123 As Glorious As A Song
124 A Stroke Of Genius
125 Senior Brother Little Poison King
126 Etiquette
127 Show Your Weapon
128 Traces Of Clouds And Shadow Of Sparrows
129 Sword God Hidden Ligh
130 Blocking The Gate To Kill The Hear
131 Daozi Of Dao Sec
132 Precelestial Supreme Mystery Technique
133 Nine Dragons Monarch Technique
134 Inviting Imperial Preceptor
135 Spiral Sword Form
136 Sleepwalking
137 Young Cult Master And Daozi
138 Can The Gods Be Cut Down
139 The Green Bull In The Vegetable Garden
140 Scrubbing Wok And Washing Bowls
141 Paralyzing Hall of Supreme Healing
142 Paralyzing Imperial College
143 Chancellor Ba Shan
144 Senior Brother, Junior Brother
145 Repairing Scholar’s Residence
146 From The Back Of The Alley To The Fron
《Tales of Herding Gods》 Volume 2
147 Yuyuan Empire’s Imperial Studies
148 Paralyzed
149 Martial Emperor
150 Heaven Emperor Beyond The Great Wall
151 Inep
152 Rolan’s Golden Palace
153 I, Overlord Body
154 Destroying Wills
155 Unsealing The Talisman Treasure
156 Dangerous Idea
157 Paralyzing The Golden Palace
158 Eloping Together
159 Blind’s Eyes
160 Wrinkle A Pool Of Spring Water
161 Return To Its Rightful Owner
162 Young Master Like I
163 Pangong Tso
164 Saintess
165 Three Immortal Deeds
166 Woodcutter Imparting Technique
167 Sending Patriarch Off
168 Old Men
169 Sacred Cult Master’s Hobby
170 Techniques United
171 Fox’s Tail
172 Mound Prefecture’s Insect Army
173 I’ve Turned Good
174 Adop
175 Mutual Aid Of Battle Techniques And Spell
176 Grand Chancellor Gu
177 Knowledge Is Action, Action Is Knowledge
178 Nine Transformations Three Conditions
179 Spirit Returning Pill Great Supplement Technique
180 Wearing Tight Shoes
181 Computational Canon Of Supreme Mystery
182 Tip Of The Iceberg In The Southern Border
183 Sudden Attack From The Netherworld
184 Ghost Transferring God Dispatching
185 Summoning The Devil
186 Qin Mu Summoning The Devil
187 Descend Of The Devil King
188 Male Or Female
189 A Wooden Ches
190 My Elder
191 Truly A Little Excited
192 The Lousiest Batch
193 Revealing The True Form
194 When Words Get Sour
195 One Tiny Clue Reveals The Situation
196 Loneliness From Being Invincible
197 Strong Practitioners Like Clouds
198 Power Of Heavenly Devil Cul
199 Moving Mountain
200 Dutian’s Hiding Place
201 Taking Advantage
202 Steaming The Imperial Preceptor
203 The Cripple That Deserved To Be Trusted
204 Qin Mu’s Dark Pas
205 A Tree Of Yellow Pears
206 Devil Summoner
207 Clever As The Devil
208 Earth Count’s Nine Pacts
209 Gate Of Earth Origin
210 Admit Defea
211 Gate Of Heaven Influence
212 Parting Is Inevitable
213 Seeking Revenge
214 Grand Shaman Ruda Scriptures
215 Night Market Slaughter
216 Guiding Souls
217 See No Evil
218 No Sun In The Sky
219 Meteorological Attack
220 No End To Trouble
221 Vajra Unbeatable
222 Encircle And Annihilate Heavenly Devil Cult Master
223 Road To Death
224 For The Orthodox Path
225 Hanging Painting To Drive Evil Away
226 Sword Of Founding Emperor Sea Of Blood
227 Lonely Mountain Ridge Root Demon
228 I Want To Go Home
229 The Fifth Era
230 Done Too Much Evil
231 Killing The Monk
232 Apothecary’s Po
233 Paper Boats
234 Killings In The Snowy Nigh
235 Qin Mu Borrowing Ship
236 Carefree Village
237 Restricted Area
238 The Late Motherly Love
239 The Older The More Unreliable
240 New Hope
241 The Next Human Emperor
242 Once More
243 Convinced
244 Wreck the Country and Ruin the People
245 Sea Suppression Heavenly King
246 Seemed Real yet Resembled Fantasy
247 Twenty Heavens
248 Returning to the Normal Life
249 Pink Skeleton
250 Words Kill
251 Not an Expert in Techniques of the Devil Path
252 Monk Ming Xin
253 Fo Xin
254 The Root of the Trouble
255 Severe Devil Nature
256 Invite Dao Sword, Slay True Dragon
257 Not Your Faul
258 Emperor, Dao Master, Rulai
259 Cow Car
260 Slaughter
261 Li Tianxing and the Emperor
262 The Emperor’s Divine Treasures
263 I Want To Execute You
264 The Two Heroes of Eternal Peace
265 The Fourth Heavenly King
266 Killing The Emperor!
267 Just for Cultivation
268 Beauty and the Painting
269 Battle of the Divine Physicians
270 Twin Sisters
271 Spirit Possession
272 Great Achievement in Computational Canon
273 Three Punches and Two Knives
274 Killing People with Shaman Spells
275 Passed Away Very Peacefully
276 Feel Like Killing People
277 Tempo
278 Warm the Wine
279 Poison in the Wine
280 Superlative Craftsmanship
281 Dragon King’s Invitation
282 Stirring Up the Wind and the Waves
283 Transformations of the World
284 God Shrine
285 Demolisher Qin
286 Guarding the Corpse
287 Dao Master
288 Fourteen Writings of Dao Sec
289 Lies in One’s Hear
290 High Heavens
291 Enthralling Night at the Sea
292 Never Too Late to Mee
293 Primordial Spiri
294 Number Two in the World
295 Shape of Spirit Weapon
296 Divine Sword
297 Carefree Sword
298 White Bats
299 Weird Thing
300 Strange Ghost Valley
301 How Poor
302 Abyss of Ghost Valley
303 Overlord Body Gian
304 Old Man in the Painting
305 Divine Snake
306 Trap
307 Outstanding Shamelessness
308 Sabotaging Each Other
309 Grandmaster is Wise
310 Mysterious Corridor
311 Man in the Tree
312 Saturn Sovereign
313 Father and Son
314 Techniques Handed Down in the Family
315 This is Bad
316 O Soul Come Back
317 No Righteous Person
318 Paying Respect to the Soul
319 Family Matters
320 Right and Wrong
321 Act Straightforwardly
322 Attack of the Root Demon
323 Poison Master and Divine Physician
324 People of Talent Appreciate One Another
325 Poisoning the Root Demon
326 Yearn Most For
327 Echoes of History
328 Old and New Sword God
329 Sea of Blood
330 A Meeting That Surpassed Countless Others
331 Peeking
332 Divine Cannon
333 Divine Eyes Reappear
334 The Sacred Hands That Court Disaster
335 The Young and Old Divine Thieves
336 The Enemy Has Entered Thirty Miles Range
337 Details of Overlord Body
338 Broad Mindse
339 General Bian
340 Dao Sect’s Methods of Calculation
341 Heart Pain
342 Visitors from High Heavens, Feelings like Poems
343 Secret of Little Jade Capital
344 Crumble
345 So Wha
346 Super Fierce
347 Human Killing Machine
348 Full of Flaws
349 Three Aeons Breakthrough
350 God and God
351 The World Astonishing Sword
352 Tofu Hear
353 Four Sovereigns of High Heavens
354 Little Demon Fox
355 Deaf Selling His Paintings
356 Bankrup
357 True and Fake Overlord Bodies
358 Exhausted to Death
359 Food of the Mortal World
360 Change of Hear
361 Testing the Cannon
362 Thickness of the Sky
363 Heaven Alliance
364 Dragon Rearing Sovereign
365 Skilled in a Specialized Area
366 True Dragon Lord
367 Underground of Great Ruins
368 Imminent Catastrophe
369 Revenge in Afterlife
370 Abandon the Mountain and Run for Your Lives
371 Mute’s Ches
372 Set Fire
373 Heavenly Creator
374 Honest Smile
375 Right and Proper
376 Fight to the Death
377 A God Has Fallen
378 Enforcing Justice on Behalf of Heaven
379 Successor
380 Forced Love Will Surely Las
381 Wedding Nigh
382 Vein of the Fierce Dragon
383 The Blind Spear God
384 Burst with Joy
385 River Suppression Dragon
386 Technique to Seize Fate
387 Grown Up
388 Spear God Awakened
389 True Dragon into the Nest, Appearance of the Divine Technique
390 Suspense in Star Sea
391 Sun Well
392 Reignite the Sun
393 Your Highness
394 Cage of Heaven and Earth
395 Violent His Highness
396 Threading a Needle
397 Seamless Heavenly Clothes
398 Number One Divine Eyes
399 Fishing out a Sun
400 Kidnapped
401 Cripple’s Shocking Transformation
402 Xing An
403 Friend from Afar
404 Invincible
405 Invulnerable
406 Great Educational
407 Xing An’s Ches
408 The Two Great Unscrupulous Businesswomen
409 Roaming Seventy Thousand Miles
410 Primordial Spirit Guide
411 Success
412 A Storm is Brewing
413 Astonishment at the State of the World
414 Stone Statues
415 Talented in Both Literature and Painting
416 With Human Emperor’s Seal Ou
417 Great Terror
418 Earthquake Cauldron
419 Old Things
420 Vanishing Sounds in the Darkness
421 Attacking High Heavens
422 Youdu, Fengdu
423 Lava Fores
424 Shariputra
425 God of War, Never Say Die
426 On the Bridge of Helplessness
427 Of a Common Origin
428 Making Threats and Promises
429 Doctor Treats a Patient Like the Parents
430 North Deity’s Divine Weapon
431 Cooked Duck
432 Invasion of the Strange
433 Contact with Another World
434 Impressive Sight of Heaven and Earth
435 Return Just Like the Swallows
436 Scapegoats
437 Huge Knife
438 The Plaguing of Sins
439 Heart is Hell
440 Flower Blooming from Void
441 Flaming Deser
442 Roaming Dragons in the Deser
443 Treacherous West Earth
444 Bane
445 Night Attack
446 The Maidens on the Ches
447 Look like Talented People
448 Patriarch’s Descendan
449 Big Bronze Bell
450 Flying City on Land
451 The Eighteenth Form
452 Formation Master of West Earth
453 Power of the Devil Cult Master
454 Colorful Flowers Gradually Dazzling One’s Eyes
455 Formation Master’s Methods
456 Old Schemer
457 God Burial Valley’s Liu Family
458 Chop and Change
459 Thunder Mountain City’s Battle
460 Expecting the Blossom of Scholartree
461 Yearn, Forget-Me-No
462 The Extremes of Sword Skills
463 Sword Skills and Sword Wounds
464 Asura’s Battlefield
465 Lightning in West Earth
466 Old Schemer
467 Celestial Palace
468 Banquet of the Celestial Heavens
469 A Thousand Men with Nowhere to Look
470 True Heaven Old Mother
471 Flaw
472 Overwhelmed
473 Life in the Mirror
474 Evil Existence
475 Sinister Designs
476 Multicolored Sunlight in the Red Sea
477 All Realms as One
478 Shaman God Kui’s Soul Worship
479 Life and Death Book
480 It’s a Small World
481 Twenty Heavens of Buddha Realm
482 Battle on the Golden Peak
483 Black Hear
484 Overlapping Worlds
485 Fomalhau
486 Times of Blood and Swea
487 When We Enter History
488 When We Become History
489 Human Lives Are Greater Than Heaven
490 Fighting in a Dark Ches
491 Revenge for the Severed Arm
492 When We Create History
493 Engraving Tablet to Leave Words Behind
494 High Emperor’s Survivor
495 God's Plans Supersede Our Own
496 Boundary Stone of Life and Death
497 There's God Chi Xiu
498 Fengdu’s Hall of King Qin
499 Heart Torturer Cult Master Qin
500 Little Overlord of Fengdu
501 Beating Up Grand Master
502 Beating Up Ancestors
503 Legend of Overlord Body
504 Of a Common Origin
505 Weak Old Thieves, Unable to Withstand a Single Blow
506 Sacred Teacher
507 Asking Questions
508 Son of Youdu
509 Great Terror
510 Mad About Money
511 Youdu's Lu Li
512 Girl in the Darkness
513 The Theory and Analysis of Sacrifice
514 The First Primordial Spirit Assembly
515 Sharing a Cooked Fish Dragon, Visit of a Star at Nigh
516 Coerce
517 Blinded By Greed
518 Xing An's Interrogation
519 Village Chief Returning to the City
520 Paying Respects to Ancestors in Hall of Human Emperors
521 First Ancestor Human Emperor
522 I can!
523 Forgiveness
524 Seeking the Path in Little Jade Capital
525 The Other World in the Darkness
526 Descend
527 Divine Arts on the Battlefield
528 Braid Girl and Shadow Boy
529 Sun Creator of Supreme Emperor Heaven
530 Jade-like Beauty, Rainbow-like Sword
531 One Calamity Sword
532 Forging Just Before the Battle
533 Knife God
534 Hard Rock
535 Black like Iron
536 Black Heart like that of a Devil
537 The Number One Crow's Beak in Supreme Emperor Heaven
538 Impossible to Stop Halfway
539 Brotherly Feelings
540 You and I are Fated
541 The Divine Art of Changing Faces
542 Conforming to Heavenly Law
543 Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge
544 Disintegrated
545 Maintain Your Smile
546 The Connection Between Two Worlds
547 Qin Mu's Nightmare
548 Fu Riluo in the Fire
549 Human Words, Ghost Words, and Devil Words
550 Devil Nature Losing Control
551 Fatty Dragon, Black Tiger, and the Fox
552 Ominous Land
553 Awakening the Dead
554 Peak of his Life
555 Parting the Clouds and Mist to See the Sky
556 First Success of Overlord Body
557 Being a Little Reckless, Using a Little Poison
558 Half Moon Senior Tiger
559 Divine Calculation
560 Youdu's Messenger of Death
561 The Exiled Baby
562 Unable to Guard Agains
563 Dark History
564 Little Overlord of Youdu
565 Qin Mu in the Mirror
566 Ten Miles Star Sand Calamity Formation
567 Big Senior Brother Capturing Dragon
568 Slaying Divine Dragon with Heavenly Gate
569 Owner of Emperor's Disk
570 Ancient Commander's Seal
571 Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique
572 Meeting an Old Friend in a Foreign Place
573 Descent of Lu Li
574 Spy
575 Cult Master's Weird Friends
576 My Name is Cha
577 Silly Roe Deers
578 The Buck Headbutts while the Doe Blinks
579 Improper Origins
580 Emperor's Throne Technique
581 Overlord Body of the Devil Race
582 Maker of the Darkness
583 The Opening of the Third Eye
584 The Doomsday of Without Embroiling City
585 Enemy
586 Drawing Mountains and Rivers with a Brush
587 Old Scholar Whose Poetry Pours Out Like a River
588 Real and Fake
589 Say Once More
590 Young Master Qi Jiuyi
591 Nine Skills of Heaven Knife
592 Dangerous Air
593 Nine Phoenixes Perching on Ancient Parasol Tree
594 Why is It Like This
595 The Harmless Smile
596 Blood Sacrificing Luofu Heaven
597 Fu Riluo in His Eyes
598 Repaying the Kindness
599 Divine Ar
600 An Withered Old Soldier
601 Granny Si's Small Shoes
602 A Pair of Embroidered Shoes
603 Drag to Death
604 Magnetic Hurricane
605 Great Heavenly Cycle Stars Algebra
606 Dried Corpse of Crimson Ligh
607 God Execution Mysterious Knife
608 Following a Set Pattern
609 Hot Potato
610 Opening the Case
611 Good Teacher and Excellent Studen
612 Twenty Thousand Years of Imparting Sainthood
613 Hatred that was Hard to Dispel
614 The Tree of Light in the Night Sky
615 Unrivaled Dharma
616 Initial Show of Strength
617 Crown Prince Yue Guang
618 Brahma Buddha
619 Third Eye, Open
620 Difficult to Stop the Murderous Inten
621 No Sword in Buddha Realm
622 Divine Might of the Three Eyes
623 Where I am, It's Youdu
624 Sakra's Shi
625 Sakra Scripture
626 Life Seeking Zither Notes
627 Pursuing Across Worlds
628 The Phoenix Seeks His Mate
629 Dark Earth's Core
630 The Head in the Jar
631 Meeting First Ancestor Again
632 Breaking Through Hall of Human Emperors
633 Qin Mu's Disdain
634 Twenty Thousand Years of Imparting Heart's Blood
635 Mutants of South Sea
636 Divine Ring of Creation
637 Fighting Up Three Hundred Floors
638 Submissive
639 Crazy from Being Poor
640 Dim and Depressed
641 Power of the Divine Ring
642 Vicious Style
643 Heaven Duke's Xuandu
644 Heaven Duke who had Fallen into the Seal
645 Breaking the Fire Crow Formation
646 The Mystery of Great Sun Sovereign
647 Collapse of Heaven Disappearance of Earth
648 Hard to Differentiate Between Enemy and Foe
649 Qin Mu's Big Eye Monsters
650 Secrets of High Emperor
651 Floating World
652 Show of Power
653 Pitting Wits Across Space
654 Absolutely Invincible
655 Unity of Will is an Impregnable Stronghold
656 Brain of Crimson Emperor
657 Crimson Emperor Who Got Sealed
658 Devil King Breaking Seal
659 Three Primordial Spirit Undying God Consciousness
660 Qin Mu's Devil Transformation
661 This Is Not My Fatty Dragon
662 Qin Mu Imparting the Techniques
663 Fatty Dragon's Transformation
664 Visitor from Mingdu
665 Situation of Overlord Body
666 You Have Been Seen Through by Me
667 Mingdu's Life and Death Book
668 Fu Riluo Who Got Traumatised
669 Moral Righteousness Is the Roo
670 The Charm of Algebra
671 The Skeletons' Debt of Gratitude
672 The Laughter of Sword God
673 Merit Greater Than Heaven
674 Fall of Supreme Emperor Heaven
675 The Fledgling Stage of the Celestial Heavens
676 Elder Angler at the Cold Pond
677 Fishing the Sun, Fishing the Moon
678 Degeneration of the God Race
679 Meeting Official Sovereign Again
680 The Source of Darkness
681 The Boundary Stone of Heavenly Yin World
682 Heavenly Yin World, Cheerful Village
683 Son of Heaven Yin
684 A Show of Power
685 Dying with a Bow
686 Goddess of Heavenly Yin
687 Reviving Heavenly Yin
688 Great Wizard
689 Heavenly Fire
690 Attack From Son of Heaven Yin
691 The Battle Between the Two Strong Beings
692 Gathering of Wise Men
693 The Smartest One
694 On the Shoulders of a Gian
695 Great Dao of Heavenly Fire
696 Reflection in the Knife
697 Endless Void
698 Imperial Gate Divine Knife
699 Earth Count's Bosom Buddy
700 Mingdu Heavenly King and Son of Heaven Yin
701 Suffering on Behalf
702 Revival of the Stone Statues
703 Dead City
704 Perfectly Round and Bright Moon
705 Heaven Duke Playing with Fire
706 Qin Mu's Devil Transformation
707 Power of Earth Coun
708 Surprise Attack on Son of Heaven Yin
709 The Bride in the Ice Coffin
710 Disciples of the Sain
711 Number One in the World
712 Good Old Man and Devil Incarnate
713 The Most Charming Person
714 Charm of the Reformer
715 The Face of South Deity
716 Ruler and Ministers as One
717 Old Bull
718 Rolling in the Ditch
719 Cultivating Primordial Spirit with Martial Arts
720 Even the Best Painter Can't Draw Out the Spirit of People
721 Martial Soul Possession
722 As Fast as a Shooting Star
723 Entering the Path With Martial Soul
724 Overlord Body From the Legends
725 Return of Thousand Palms Beyond the Strange Peaks of Heavens
726 Martial Sain
727 The Past of Heavenly Teacher
728 Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge
729 Not Inferior to Me
730 The Most Peculiar Place
731 Celestial Heavens of the Pas
732 Cosmetic Changes
733 When Words Get Sour
734 Seven Celestial Venerables in the Jade Pool
735 The Talents of the Ancient Times
736 Equal to Gods
737 Qin Mu and Founding Emperor's Clash
738 Wreaking Havoc in the Celestial Heavens
739 Celestial Venerable You Who Cries in His Smile
740 The Change in the Jade Pool
741 The Death of Celestial Venerable Yu
742 Back from the Dead
743 Opening Celestial Palaces
744 An Open and Honest Youth in Green Traveling
745 Swords like Dragons on the Sea
746 Nineteenth Sword Form
747 South Deity
748 The Seed of the Heaven Alliance
749 The Ashes and Dust of a Million Years
750 Can't Bear to Look Back
751 Devil Mask
752 A Promise from the Pas
753 Revived
754 Burden Lan Yutian
755 The Past of Youdu
756 Brothers Combined
757 Hellfire Virtue Monumen
758 Mother and Son
759 Justice Is to Be Found Everywhere
760 Slaughter Cauldron, Heavenly Ne
761 The Battle of Jade Lock Pass
762 Heavenly Fire Incinerating the World
763 How Fragran
764 Ah Chou
765 Fighting up to the Celestial Heavens
766 Son of Heaven Yin the Oriole
767 Old Schemer, Young Schemer
768 The Secret of Great Sun Sovereign
769 Dragon Han Overlord Body
770 Mother Earth of Magnetism
771 Peeping Tom
772 Forty Thousand Years That Were Like a Song
773 Magnetic Five Fingers Mountain
774 Long Pi Plowing the Land
775 Great Emperor of the Martial Path
776 Inside the Trap, Outside the Trap
777 Riding a Donkey on the Fragrant Road
778 Number What in the World?
779 Number One in Sword Skills for a Million Years
780 Origin
781 Nine Emperors of High Emperor
782 Mother Earth
783 Mother Earth's Blessing
784 Earth Aeon Dao Frui
785 Ostentation
786 Real or Fake, Doubts and Suspicions
787 Relentless Demolisher Qin
788 Boundless Calamities
789 Berserk Magnetism
790 Dao One
791 Dao One
792 I Don't Care
793 Haze of Doubts and Suspicions in Dragon Han
794 Death of Celestial Emperor
795 The Final Victor
796 Abnormal Humans
797 Blessing or Curse
798 Celestial Venerable Yu Comprehending Dao
799 Show Off
800 Venerable of All Dao
801 Conforming to Dao
802 Unification of Divine Treasures
803 Contribution of the Saintly King
804 Breaking the Blessings of the Ancient Gods
805 Celestial Emperor's Blessing
806 Celestial River Dragon King
807 Celestial River's Ghost Ship
808 The Time Travel Incident of the Feathered Forest Guards
809 Peculiar Incident on the Ship
810 Two Celestial Empresses
811 Woman Named Wuchen
812 Eternal Peace Sword God
813 Old and Experienced
814 Cannot be Observed
815 Flowers Are Not Flowers, Fogs Are Not Fogs
816 Precious Horses and Lavish Carriages Leaving a Scented Trail
817 Divine Knife Zhe Huali
818 Death of a Prince
819 Let's Do It Together!
820 Killing God
821 Follow Me to Battle
822 Stealing the Power of the Four Deities
823 Visit Your Grave
824 Moonlight on River, Rusted Iron Flag
825 Serving Tea on the River
826 Branch of Dao Sec
827 The Original Culpri
828 To Kill People
829 Putting? ?an? ?End? ?to? ?the? ?Awe-Inspiring? ?Authority? ?
830 Who is Coming to Die
831 Dao Sword Slashing the Celestial Dipper
832 Celestial Heavens' Librarian
833 Reconstructing Celestial Heavens
834 Dao Ancestor's Celestial Heavens
835 Long Time No See
836 Celestial Venerable Huo
837 Qin Mu's Inflated Ego
838 Sword Trace
839 Artful People Have High Aspiration
840 Here Is Where We Part Forever
841 Human Rearing Scripture Completed
842 Old Friend of Peach Fores
843 Qin Mu Eating Peaches
844 Woman in the Painting
845 Interesting Events of the Southern Border
846 The Dance of the Dragons and Snakes at the Southern Borders
847 A Meteoric Rise
848 Celestial Venerable Token
849 Fallen God Valley's Sword Bridge
850 Meeting an Old Friend in the Coffin
851 The Tomb of Celestial Venerable Ling
852 The Death of Celestial Venerable Ling
853 Corpse Demon
854 Dragon King Tian's Reanimation
855 One Sword Soaring Through the Heavens
856 The Mantis Stalks the Cicada, Unaware of the Oriole Behind
857 Celestial Venerable and the Celestial Emperor
858 Founding Elders of the Heaven Alliance
859 Herding the Gods
860 Galaxy Divine Treasure
861 Unparalleled Fierceness and Migh
862 Awe-Inspiring Evil
863 The Fragrance of a Sword
864 Sleazy Wen
865 Dark Mo Jia Sutra
866 The Mountain Is Not A Mountain, One Is Lost In The Summi
867 Undying Body
868 The Son of Heaven Duke
869 The Cowherd by the Enthralling River
870 Recovering the Galaxy Outside the Osmanthus Palace
871 Warring Heavens
872 Entering the Path Through Worldly Affairs
873 The Song of the Dragon in the Vast Sea
874 The Bloody Calamity of Dragon Han
875 To See a World in a Single Flower
876 Woman in the Flower Beautiful like Jade
877 Nice to Meet You, Wei Suifeng
878 Time-Traveling Wei Suifeng
879 Follow the Map and Save Me
880 Celestial River's Old Friend
881 History Stronges
882 Powerless to Do Anything
883 Sacrifices for Great Aspirations
884 One and Only Chance
885 80,000 Miles of Wilderness
886 The Invincible Great Wizard
887 The Writings of Primordial Realm Grandmaster
888 The Weirdo in the Cage
889 The Primordial Realm's Disabled Elderly Village
890 Sacrificial Offerings for Reform
891 The Arrival of Darkness
892 If You Manage to Die, I Lose
893 To Fall Behind Is Not a Sin, Being Weak Is
894 To Deal With the Problem From the Roo
895 The Third Writing of Calamity Sword, the Writing of Facing Calamity
896 Treasure Sword Drawn From Ancient Sheath, Wind and Rain Washed Off the Lead Dus
897 Eternal Peace Overlord Body Qin, Dragon Han Celestial Venerable Mu
898 Testing the Prowess of Facing Calamity
899 Meeting an Old Friend While on the Way to Prison
900 Mother Earth's Growth Rings
901 Going Through Old Grudges of the Pas
902 The Core of the Primordial Tree Reveals Its Abilities
903 Celestial Venerable's Prisoner Rescue
904 When Fake Is Considered Real, What Is Real Becomes Fake
905 When Nothingness Is Treated As Something, Something Becomes Nothing
906 Xu Shenghua of West Earth
907 Eternal Fighting Spiri
908 Blood Rust Zone
909 Crisis of the Third Eye
910 Masters of Creation From Prehistory
911 Creating a New Age From Nothing
912 The Mystery Behind the Masters of Creation
913 Abnormalities of the Third Eye
914 A Dark Devil Was Growing Within the Floating Blood-Colored Ligh
915 Master of Creation Shu Jun
916 Eventual Reunion Under the Moonlight at the Jade Pool
917 A Meeting Akin to First Love
918 When the Road Ends, the Divine Bridge Raises
919 Purplish Air Enshrouds Heaven Han, the Will of the Fists Cuts Across the Sky
920 Divine Bridge Broken by Sword
921 Reform of the Celestial Heavens
922 How to Acquire a Turning Point and Drag a Son From the Celestial Heavens
923 Celestial Heavens' Master of Creation
924 The Ripping of the Celestial Heavens
925 Prosperous Peacefulness
926 The Arrival of the Plague God
927 The Massacre in Lang Xuan Divine Palace
928 Old Ancestor Long Pi
929 Final Card Revealed
930 The Massacre in Ancestral King Palace
931 To Ask About Dao From Toads and Ask for Dao From the People
932 Staring Into the Abyss
933 The Real and Fake Celestial Venerable Mu
934 Facing the Sea
935 The Hundred Moves to Kill Mu
936 Lady Pitying a Flower's Soul
937 Three Enclosures Higher Knowledge
938 The Fatal Weakness of Celestial Venerable Mu
939 What One Imagines Becomes Reality
940 The Devil in Luo Wushuang's Hear
941 Letting Loose the Devil in One's Hear
942 The Strongest Corporeal Body in History
943 Walking Corpses of the Great Void
944 The Heart Devil Celestial Emperor
945 The Beauty of Great Sword Dao
946 You Aren’t Bad
947 The Imprint of Celestial Venerable Huo
948 The Affectionate and Loving Sisters
949 A Cold Night with Raining Blood
950 Bigger, Bigger, Bigger!
951 Evil Daois
952 Who Can Rival the Unsheathed Divine Knife?
953 Crazy Devil
954 The Realm of the Supreme Consciousness
955 An Old Friend in His Eyes
956 Three Types of Heavenly Aeons
957 Please Die, Grand Emperor
958 Giving Someone a Taste of Their Own Medicine
959 Grand Overarching Supreme Consciousness
960 Celestial Venerable Yun
961 Extensive Divine Ar
962 The Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure Realm
963 The Opposite Shore of the Void
964 If One Doesn't Work Hard When One's Young, It Will Be Useless to Mourn When One's Old
965 A Righteous Gentleman
966 The Temptation of the Fish
967 One Ark, Three Celestial Venerables
968 Proud Brother
969 Carefree Village in the Void
970 Three Prophecies
971 The Plight of the Holy Infan
972 Divine King Lang Wo
973 As Though Being Helped by Heaven
974 Three Contests
975 Celestial Venerable Ling Must Die
976 The Reunion of Mu and Qin
977 The Belly Band Celestial Venerable
978 A Beauty Washing Her Shoulders
979 The Ode of the Two Snakes and the Fragrance of the Flower
980 Ancestor Spirits
981 The Eight Heavens of Entering the Path With Divine Arts
982 Luo Xiao, an Ancestor Spirit Who Lost Control
983 Scared Witless
984 Intimidating Carefree Village
985 To Put Oneself in Another's Shoes
986 The Twentieth Sword Form
987 The Truth About Carefree Village
988 Rusted Sword and Hear
989 One's Heroic Aura Can Stand Out and Last for a Thousand Autumns
990 Old Qin Family
991 They Are Not You
992 The 33 Heavenly Realms
993 The Path Ahead Is As Tough as Steel
994 Celestial Venerable's Close Combat Battle
995 Bad Brother Being Shy
996 Entering Celestial Emperor's Chambers of Concubines Again
997 Celestial Venerable Mu's Manor
998 How Unlucky Can One Ge
999 Plenty of Disputes When Entering the Palace to Meet the Emperor
1000 Crown Prince of the East Palace
1001 Eggshell
1002 Exposure of Identity
1003 No Trace of Changes
1004 Meeting Dutian Devil King Again
1005 Dutian's Dream
1006 White Ca
1007 The Heavenly Dragon Treasure Carriage
1008 Celestial Venerable Xiao of Mankind
1009 Founding Emperor's Sword, Qin Mu's Mouth
1010 Blind's Eye, Mute's Hammer
1011 Microscopic Scale
1012 The Grand Emperor's Consciousness
1013 Plotting Against the Grand Emperor
1014 Ultimate Void
1015 The Sword of Village Chief, The Leg of Cripple
1016 The Past Was Like a Dream When Looked Back Upon
1017 Celestial Venerable Mu Living With His Elders
1018 Ladies Becoming Sworn Sisters
1019 Growing More Timid as One Gets Closer to Home
1020 The Case of Taking the Ca
1021 The Reverse Side That Disappeared
1022 The Dragon in the Sky
1023 Obstinate and Headstrong
1024 Flowers of Illusory Grandeur Between People
1025 Shocking the East Pole With One Blade
1026 Sending Off Celestial Venerable Mu Nine Times
1027 Founding Emperor and the Four Deities
1028 The Two Deities of the Black Tortoise
1029 Real Martial Sword Academy
1030 Great Star Atlas of the Universe
1031 Freeing the Crown Prince
1032 The Savage Hammering of Son of Heaven Yin
1033 West Deity's Crisis
1034 Grand Emperor, West Deity, Divine King
1035 The Girl From West Pole
1036 The Ancient God of War
1037 Young Cult Master
1038 The Death of South Deity
1039 The Descent of the Hall of Fragrance
1040 Two Thieves and One Constable
1041 Deep Inside the Peach Flower
1042 The Ghost Ship Transmigrates After Completing Divine Arts
1043 Heaven Han Celestial Heavens
1044 Establishing the Path Through Divine Arts
1045 All of You Were Taught by Me
1046 The Disappearance of Celestial Venerable Yun
1047 The Ancient Gods of the Five Elements
1048 The Five Disaster Stars of the Five Elements
1049 Summoning Ancestral Star
1050 The Fall of the Five Elements
1051 Shocking Change
1052 Glassy Brotherly Love
1053 Glass Is Easily Shattered
1054 The Background of the Ancient Gods
1055 The Realm Revolutionary
1056 Exploring the Ancestral Court for the First Time
1057 Ancient Gods and the Golden Coffin
1058 I Can't Die
1059 The Grand Emperor's Pas
1060 Unchanging Love
1061 The Death of Luo Xiao
1062 Here's Your Hairpin
1063 A Hundred Thousand Years' Worth of Predicamen
1064 Darkness Is Coming
1065 Never Before Seen Changes in the Future
1066 Three Celestial Venerables Steal the Treasure, Clear Sun Hall
1067 Mu, Yun, and Hao Gather Again at Pancavidya Palace
1068 Emperor of Endless Clouds Tries to Cleave the Ancient God Egg
1069 Precelestial Tai Shi Egg Maturing
1070 The 100th Reincarnation, Half-Witted Que Feiyin
1071 Battling Each Other 700,000 Times
1072 Lang Wo's Last Lesson
1073 The Grand Emperor Died, but His Dao Hadn't Been Wiped Out, Lang Wo Stepped Onto an Emotionless Path
1074 The Green Bird Attacks As the Canopy Covers the Sky
1075 Fighting Da Hong With His Life
1076 Dragon Blood Treasure Tree Protecting God Soul
1077 Celestial Emperor's Marriage
1078 Blood Stain on History
1079 When One Way Fails, Try Another
1080 The Black Tortoise Deity Deceiving the World With Thef
1081 The Dragon Qilin Loosening the Reins for a Better Grasp
1082 The Third Ancient God Egg
1083 Dragon Pi Schemes Against Son of Heaven Yin
1084 Legend of the Pas
1085 Number One Heavenly Master of Dragon Han
1086 Dragon Mountain Sanren
1087 Mantis Catches the Cicada While the Dragon and Sparrow Follow
1088 A One-Off Meeting
1089 The Four Acknowledgments
1090 When Brave Warriors Become Evil Dragons
1091 This Is the Mortal Realm
1092 Saying Take Care Between Dao Friends
1093 Crimson Emperor Comprehending the Path
1094 Accomplishments Come As Naturally as Unstable Situations
1095 Heavenly Master Bai Yujing
1096 Meeting Lang Wo Again
1097 Ground Splitting Mother Earth
1098 Measuring the Dao Hear
1099 Seeing the Spirit in the Knife
1100 Entering the Path With the Knife
1101 Knocking on the Southern Heavenly Gate
1102 Finger Pressing Down on Red Lips
1103 The Appearance of Phoenixes
1104 I'm Indeed Celestial Venerable Mu
1105 The New Mother Earth
1106 I'll Marry You
1107 What a Good Sword
1108 Blacksmithing Is Like Painting a Beauty
1109 Move With Me
《Tales of Herding Gods》 Text
1110 Creation Divine Weapon
1111 The Four Deities Divine Weapon
1112 Virtuous Earth Sovereign
1113 I'm Really Silly, I Really Am
1114 Emperor Yanfeng and the Imperial Preceptor
1115 The Attack Must Penetrate, and the Battle Must Be Won
1116 Celestial Venerable Ling's Letter
1117 Celestial Dipper Technique
1118 Broken Sword Killing
1119 The One and Only Me
1120 Killing a Few Ancient Gods
1121 The Ancient God of the White Earth Hope Prefecture
1122 Rainbow-Like Sword, Dragon-Like Qi
1123 Small Celestial Heavens, Great Celestial Heavens
1124 I Don't Want This Kind of Ally
1125 Not Leaving Any Path of Survival
1126 All Requests Granted
1127 I Was Once Human
1128 Bone
1129 Emerging as an Invincible Exper
1130 Can I Eat You?
1131 Expecting Better
1132 Fatal Weakness
1133 Comprehending the Path in the Potted Plan
1134 Celestial Venerable Mu Tries to Hack Open the Ancient God Egg
1135 Jiang Baigui Winning Over Yan Yunxi
1136 The Great Formation Picture of Dragon Mountain
1137 Founding Emperor Visits the Celestial Heavens