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The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Author:Tong Nieer

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UpdateTime:1/16/2021 10:12:37 AM

Updates:263 Even White Lotuses Aren't as B!tchy as Him!

For more than a decade, she disguised herself as a weakling while preyed on the strong – Qiao Qing had never viewed reputation as an important matter.
But people began to take advantage and purposely hurt the ones she cared about.
Qiao Qing then decided to stop hiding her real self.
An incapable good-for-nothing? Her natural genius IQ can explode your eyeballs!
A lowly commoner? H...
《The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool》 Text
1 Paying with My Own Body
2 Tell Him, this Person Is Now under My Possession
3 Advanced Stage of Liking-the-Handsome Syndrome
4 Feng Hen
5 Enchantingly Beautiful and Dangerously Handsome
6 From Today Onwards, I’m Yours
7 Jun Yexuan Wants to Investigate Qiao Qing?
8 Breaking off the Engagemen
9 What Are You all Fighting about!
10 A Slap in the Face. Who Are You?
11 Qiao Qing Is Abusive
12 How about I be Your Son-in-Law?
13 I Can Wait for Qiao Qing to Grow Up
14 The Sect Leader Asked Me to Give You this
15 I’m Looking for Qiao Qing
16 There Are too many Mysteries Surrounding that Girl
17 Am I so Undeserving of Your Fondness?
18 Auntie, I’m Male!
19 Flirtatious Quarrels
20 Third Brother, Why Are You Following Qiao Qing?
21 The Hero Saving the Beauty
22 She Has Severe Face Blindness
23 Strong Murderous Aura!
24 If You Lost Your Memory, then Go Find the Policeman
25 Luo Chen
26 A Young Man Dressed in White, Walking out of a Manga
27 I Promise to Teach Her a Hard Lesson this Time!
28 Who’s Teaching Whom How to Be a Person?
29 Self Directed and Self Performed Drama!
30 You Can do Whatever You Want to Me, just Don’t Ignore Me
31 Jealousy
32 Then I Will Marry Her
33 He Was Jealous like Crazy
34 Dumb but Rich
35 The Ill Intended Qiao Qing
36 Useless even if You Call Me Dad
37 Sly Boy Jun Yexuan
38 Qiao Qing Angered, Face Slapping Begins
39 Of Course I’m here to Bring Qiao Qing Justice
40 Throw out these two Shameless People!
41 This is Qiao Qing’s Current Fiance
42 How Swee
43 You Heartless Girl, You Won't Miss Me at all?
44 Am I Unmarriable?
45 Parent Teacher Meeting
46 The Jerk Who Gives Her Mom such a Hard Time
47 Qingqing, Are You Trying to Take My Spot?
48 Face Slapping Is in Progress
49 Difference in Treatmen
50 His Gene Is so Weak that Your Intelligence Took after Your Mother
51 Qiao Qing, Don’t Stir up Trouble
52 Does this mean You Have Accepted Me as Your Future Husband?
53 An Unwelcomed Gues
54 Not Sure What to Name This Chapter
55 Bring Me the Book, I'll Get it Signed for You
56 I'll Teach Those Who Dare to Make the Princess Angry a Lesson
57 There Won't be a Next Time
58 Slap in the Face
59 It Is Qingqing Who Is Giving these to You
60 Self Inflicted Humiliation
61 What if I Told You, I am Feng Ci?
62 Handsome Boy, Beautiful Girl, It's a Match!
63 Little Xuan Is far Calmer than You
64 Princess Hug
65 Might as Well Drop Her and let Her Die!
66 Do You have no Effing Idea What You Look Like?
67 Jun Yexuan's Overbearingness
68 Now that I’ve Decided to Come Back, I have no Plan on Letting You go
69 Perhaps by then, You Would Have Fallen in Love with Me
70 She Wanted to Choke the Man Beside Her to Death
71 How Much?
72 Trust, Okay?
73 Qiao Qing is Angered and is Standing up For the Mother and Daughter Pair
74 To Provoke them or not, Will be up to Me
75 Threaten me? First, Check if You have the Capability
76 I'm Here to Find My Woman
77 Qingqing, You sure Are Stingy!
78 Nobody can Out-coquet this Guy
79 Your Husband Is being Checked Out, Aren’t You Jealous
80 Expelled
81 I Can Explain
82 Does Big Sis Qiao Need a Girlfriend? I Volunteer!!
83 Just Who Is that Girl?
84 Face Slapping
85 Does Ms. Liang's Face Hurt?!
86 Then, how Do You Feel about My Son?
87 Inappropriate to Steal Her from Right in Front of My Eyes
88 The Third Young Master Is Picking Up Qingqing
89 Irreplaceable Number One Big Sister
90 The Exam
91 The Prelude to Face Slapping
92 Did an Honor Student Miss the Last Practice Exam?
93 Mr. Yang, Is There a Typo?
94 A Deserving Number 1!
95 Face Slapping in Progress
96 A Hard Slap!
97 You have Good Grades, You Can be Impetuous
98 Didn't Want Them Alive!
99 Have You Gone Crazy or Have I?
100 She Didn’t Counterattack, She Merely Never Revealed Her True Skills
101 Goodbye, Tutor, I Won’t Walk You Ou
102 A Duck Talks to a Chicken
103 That Old Scoundrel
104 Do You even Know Who Figured Out the Exquisite Unrivaled Positioning?
105 Someone She Must Spoil even If She Has to Kneel
106 I'm Truly Done For
107 Impressing All Those Presen
108 Birthday Gif
109 Interacting With a Dumb Donkey Like Him Lowers My IQ
110 Tell Me Which Trash Can You Are Going to Throw it Out in
111 Immeasurable Treasure
112 I Will Sit Here and Watch You as You Inflict Death Upon Yourself
113 Face Slapping in Progress
114 Face Slapping
115 You Black Sheep of a Woman! You Think it’s Easy to Make Money?!
116 Play Go Against me? Her? She's not Worthy
117 Jun Yexuan Is Drunk
118 Young Master Jun Purposely Dropped the Ball
119 Wrong Assumptions
120 A Dumbfounded Qiao Qing
121 Public Declaration of Love
122 Qiao Qing Is Furious
123 Take Your Third Brother and Get Ou
124 Scram! I Want Qingqing!
125 Three Doctors, Eight Nurses
126 Punishmen
127 If She's Delusional Over Me, I Would Wake Up Smiling
128 He Didn't Mind Being a Pyscho
129 Untitled
130 He Who Lies with Dogs Will Rise with Fleas
131 Is Qingqing in a Relationship?
132 An Eye For an Eye, a Tooth For a Tooth
133 Go Competition 1
134 Go Competition 2
135 Call Me Senior Once You Get In
136 We Have Placed all Our Hope on You
137 Utter Humiliation!
138 Teach Them How To Be a Decent Human Being
139 Stop Talking Bullsh!t. Which One of You Three Wants To Go First?
140 It Would Be Great If He Can Bring Qingqing Home as My Granddaughter-in-Law
141 Face Slapping in Progress
142 Asking for Justice!
143 Exhilarating and Satisfying
144 Don’t You Like Being Alive
145 If You Ask the Third Brother to Let Me Go Back, I Won’t Object to You Becoming My Sister-in-Law
146 Unless I Die, You Are Mine this Lifetime
147 Thank Me Using A Different Method
148 Double-Faced Girl
149 A Giant Misunderstanding
150 The Prelude to Face Slapping
151 Speak If You Want, Fart If You Mus
152 Face Slapping
153 Face Slapping Continued
154 This Face Slap Sure came Fast!
155 Is she really Stupid?
156 The World Must Be Crazy!
157 I Was Right About You
158 How To Deal With a Love Rival
159 The Little Girl Was About To Turn Into an Adult?
160 Girlfriend??
161 Third Young Master Jun's Worry
162 You Can’t Just Sit In Any Man’s Front Passenger Sea
163 You Drank From a Bottle I Drank From
164 This Is Unbearable
165 Out of I
166 Don't the Single People Deserve Human Right?
167 Why Did It Feel Like His Brother’s Head Was Green
168 Exam Marks
169 Qingqing, Are You Human?
170 Is It Possible That Qingqing Is Feng Ci
171 Gown
172 The Zipper
173 I'm Your Only Choice
174 There Are No What If’s. She Can Only Be Mine
175 Qi Yusen
176 Taking Home
177 Number One Scholar
178 Crushed Into Pieces
179 Young Master Qi Is Here
180 Face Slapping
181 Let Her Gloat a Bi
182 Hundreds of Families Serve To Please the Family With the Daughter
183 Replacing Her Son-in-Law
184 Asking for Marriage
185 Face Slapping
186 The Number One Power Force of the Capital City - The Third Young Master of the Jun Family
187 Two Extraordinary Men Fighting Over One Girl?
188 I Will Wait For the Day Qingqing Completely Accepts Me And Becomes My Bride
189 Treat Me Like I'm Your Brother
190 Face Slapping In Progress
191 Face Slapping
192 This Slap Sure Is Loud
193 Face Slapping
194 Birthday Wish
195 When You Meet a Nice Guy Like Him, Why Would You Wai
196 Some People Just Don't Get I
197 Heartache
198 From Now On, He Would Be The One To Protect Her World
199 Between You And I, You Never Have to Say Thank You
200 Dinner Party
201 Rampaging Jun Yexuan
202 Take One Second To Mourn For Qiao Qing
203 Mischevious Jun Yexuan
204 Qiao Qing Is Drunk
205 Hubby
206 So It Appeared Her Daughter Was Charming
207 Princess Style
208 Catching Her Red Handed
209 Disinfect and Sterilize
210 Why Was She So Naive Before?!
211 Punishmen
212 Jun Yexuan, Overbearingly Protective of His Wife
213 His Brother Couldn’t Survive Without Qiao Qing
214 A Lesson
215 It was Over For This Girl
216 Face Slapping
217 The Call
218 Jun Yexuan is Furious
219 Just who is this Girl?
220 Face Slapping
221 Face Slapping Continued
222 Let Her Go!
223 Asking For a Title
224 Third brother! Someone Is Stealing the Fruit of Your Labor!
225 The Quietest Ones Are the Ones Who Get Stuff Done
226 Sister Obsessed
227 I Can Give Her the Whole World Myself
228 Third Young Master Jun, Where’s Your Shame
229 Desire To Survive
230 Possessiveness
231 I’m Your Real Sister, Right?
232 Even Though You are Her Brother, I am Not Afraid To Steal Her Away From You
233 Jealous of the Brother-in-Law
234 Those Who Don't Know Would Think You're in Love With Her
235 Is the Miss Familiar With the Capital City?
236 Enemies Often Cross Paths
237 Face Slapping
238 Face Slapping Continued
239 Suspicion
240 Drowning in the Boss's Beauty
241 The Possessiveness of Two Men
242 When Do I Get a Title?
243 If I Don't Respect You, You Would've Been Mine a Long Time Ago
244 Don't You Recognize Me?
245 Boyfriend Power
246 Who the Hell Is This?
247 The Ghost Lingers
248 Threatening and Face Slapping
249 Suppor
250 Mind Sharing a Table?
251 Our Boss Sure Is a Hot Commodity!
252 It's Not Like She's Never Eaten It Before
253 Brother Is Nervous
254 This Journey of Pursuing His Future Wife Has Been Difficult Enough
255 Qiao Qing Scouting
256 Giggling on the Outside, Cursing on the Inside
257 Pig Trotter Or Your Brother, Which One Do You Like More?
258 You Better Pray
259 Brother's Jealous
260 The Instructor is...
261 "Adoration" and "Pretty Woman"
262 He Underestimated Him
263 Even White Lotuses Aren't as B!tchy as Him!