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Chapter 332: Final boss? 3

“I got you now. You Treasure bastard.”

There was a gap the size of a palm where Ju-Heon put his face. There was a terrible area visible through the gap.


It was a frozen cave that resembled the frozen part of hell. It was so cold that just stepping into this area would make a person freeze.

That artifact bastard was imprisoned in this frozen hell.

‘It’s definitely a Divine-Grade artifact.’

Ju-Heon was aiming to make this bastard his subordinate.

If it really was the artifact he was thinking it was, it should have approximately 1,000 subordinates or so nearby.

‘I should be able to awaken the Key of Sloth if I grind(?) up 1,000 of them.’

That was why they were called sacrifices.

He didn't care about what kind of negative results that might cause.

‘I will give my subordinates special service and restore them properly.’

But Ju-Heon couldn't help but click his tongue for a different reason.


“Damn it. They’re already destroyed.”

That wasn't all.

“I can't believe they turned this God of War into frozen meat.”

The doggies seemed shocked after hearing that comment.

[Master, you know who this bastard is?]

“Who do you think you’re asking that to, right now?”

Ju-Heon started to smile.
Ju-Heon was someone who had researched all mythologies and folk tales in the world and even found pieces of destroyed records to shove all of that information in his head.

But this one was so visibly unique that it was easy to tell.

Bull-like horns, a steel forehead and a bronze head.

‘Heavenly Emperor Chi You.’

Far in the B.C. era during Dangun's time…

He was worshipped as the God of War of the East, and in the Hwandan Gogi myths, he was known as the fierce God who fought against a Chinese Emperor.

He was an ancient Emperor who was said to have won every battle and said to be extremely talented in weapon creation and responsible for creating numerous weapons.

‘Chi You should have quite a good ability.’

He was someone who was deified later in life as well.

‘The Divine-Grade artifacts that were born as gods probably don’t look kindly on him.’

But what?

[Maaaaaaster! You must not take this bastard out!]
[Fuck, I'm going to run away from home if you take this bastard out!]
[Master, let’s go back! It’s still not too late!]

Surprisingly, those gods from birth were shaking in fear.

The doggies seemed to be recalling a terrible memory from the past.

[That motherfucking Majesty's Treasure!]

Everybody was said to get scared when the Majesty put on this chaotic steel mask.

It was like seeing a death flag that you never want to see out on the ocean.

This was no ordinary helmet.

It was a signal flare for the Emperor’s campaign.

The human king of artifacts was said to become a god once he put on this ghost's helmet.

That human king who became a god could move the heavens and the earth and even make artifacts and humans take different forms.

That was so terrible that the doggies who had personally experienced that time were in despair.

[Master, why don't we go look for something else?]
[This one's not it.]

“Mm, okay, shut up.”

Ju-Heon was humming as he tried to make the gap wider. The doggies gasped.

[Pleeeeeeeeeeeease! Maaaaaaaaster!]

They were so desperate that they turned from items to doggies and started to pull at Ju-Heon's clothes.

[I don’t want to see that ominous mask ever agaaaaaaaaaaain!]
[Please! I'll do whatever you want!]

Ju-Heon didn't care and called out Mammon's artifact.

“Hahaha! This place is a pile of gold, a pile of gooooooooold!”

He had found some famous Greek artifacts as soon as he entered the Great Prison.

Now there was a Treasure that was so strong that the doggies were scared!

“Yes. Everything in here is mine.”

Ju-Heon's eyes flashed in a dangerous manner as he channeled a lot of dominance into the pickaxe.


This cell was extremely durable but it didn’t matter.

Mammon was a devil of mining.

This cell should break if Ju-Heon combined Mammon's digging ability with his Tomb Destruction ability.

‘Mammon, full power!’

Mammon was in pain.

It was to be expected as her ability was being forcibly released. It was similar to what Ju-Heon did to Muramasa a long time ago.

But Mammon was holding it all in for Ju-Heon.

[Ahhhh, hurry! I can’t hold on much longer! Hurry!]

Ju-Heon quickly struck the pickaxe down into the gap.

And then…



Ju-Heon's expectations seemed to have been correct and the doggies fell into panic once they heard the wall breaking.

[Damn it!]
[We’re all fucked now!]
[That damn Goblin Mask bastard will appear in the world again!]

But at that time…


The doggies who had clenched their eyes shouting that they were done for started cheering.

[Hurray! It’s a dog hole!]
[Hahahaha! Look at how small it is! There’s no way he can go in there!]


Ju-Heon’s eyebrows twitched.

The doggies continued to jump for joy without thinking about anything.

[Maaaaaaaaster! Give up! That artifact won't survive another strike!]
[Hahaha! It already looks to be in shambles!]
[Yes yes. That pushover of a restorer isn’t here either!]

The doggies saw the small dog hole and praised the gods.

[Hehehe! A dog hole! A dog hole!]
[Alright! Master! Now let’s go get a different artifact……]


“Ah I see. You bastards are going to go inside?”


Ju-Heon grabbed them by the head and shoved the doggies into the dog hole.

“Now then. Hurry up and go get it.”

[No, w! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait!]

The doggies whose heads were stuck in the dog hole foamed at the mouth.

[Wait, master, this is a bit, aaaaaaaaah! My head!]
[Fuck, your head isn’t the problem! Goblins! There’s goblins in front of us!]
[Aaah! Maaaaaaster! I'm sorry!]

Ju-Heon didn't care and just ruthlessly shoved the doggies butts in through the hole.

“Here! Hurry up and go in!”


These Egyptian gods were shoved into the frozen hell. Ju-Heon then tried to follow behind them.

It might be a tight fit because of his broad shoulders but it should be fine.

The problem was……

[Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww my body!]

Ju-Heon stopped putting his leg in and frowned.

“Tsk. This damn trap is a problem wherever I go.”

That was the case.

That fog was in the area the doggies had just entered.

It seemed to harm artifacts as well as the doggies started to quickly disintegrate once they touched the fog.

[U, ugh!]

Ju-Heon urgently reached out as he saw that they were about to turn to ashes.


No! No!

An urgent rope pushed Ju-Heon down and slipped in first.


The rope’s body started to get destroyed as well but it was able to quickly wrap itself around the doggies and pull them back out. The only one that seemed fine was Anubis.

Ju-Heon looked inside as if he was disappointed.

“Chi You is right there.”

Ramesses chimed in at that moment as if it was disgusted.

[It is understandable why the guards use this bastard’s fog as a trap.]


‘This bastard’s fog?’

It was extremely likely. Chi You was said to create a dense fog as he ruled the world.

‘Tsk, then if I don’t awaken the Key of Sloth first…’

But he needed sacrifices to awaken it.

This secluded area did not have artifacts he could use as fodder to awaken the key.
But to use his own artifacts as sacrifices……

‘I can't suddenly summon 1,000 artifacts.’

The only ones he could summon right now were his possession-type artifacts. But Ju-Heon only had a few possession-type artifacts contracted to him.

He had a lot more artifacts to grind up if he went outside, but he couldn't leave right now.

He thought about calling out Anubis's army but they were dead bodies so they wouldn't be treated as artifacts.

‘Is there nothing I can do?’

But at that moment…



Ju-Heon was shocked to hear an extremely loud noise.

Bang, bang.

It sounded like metal hitting metal at set intervals.

It was not around him.


“Hurry up and break it! Slam it harder!”
“Yes sir!”

That was the case.

The noise had come from outside the Great Prison.

“What do you think? Can you go in?!”
“It's too small for a person to fit through!”

That was the case.

What Ju-Heon had heard was the sound of people slamming against the Great Prison’s walls.

Once the Great Prison had appeared in the world thanks to Pandora…it’s excavation teams were doing everything they could to break open a door.

The reason was simple.

“You said that this gap was created from the prison shaking, right? It appeared all of a sudden?”
“Yes sir! That is correct!”

That was the case.

Some gaps had appeared on the Great Prison's walls after that sudden earthquake.

For example, a narrow gap appeared on Buddha’s arm that rose up through the grounds of a city.

The excavation teams were doing everything they could to open that gap some more.

“This is our chance. We don’t know what happened inside, but this is a great opportunity!”
“This thing is full of treasures! We can’t let Seo Ju-Heon be the only one to earn good shit!”
“The Majesty's Treasure is said to be inside! We must get it!”
“This can’t be just a coincidence. It is the will of the heavens that we get inside!”

There was something they should know.

Those gaps did not appear for no reason.

Someone told Ju-Heon what was going on.

[Small side doors of the prison seemed to have opened a bit.]

Ramesses informed Ju-Heon.

Ju-Heon was confused.

“Side doors?”

[You know how you opened the doors for those Greek bastards earlier?]

“I did.”

[You opened other areas as well by accident because you couldn’t control it properly since it was your first time. The door connected to the outside must have opened a bit as well.]

“Then those noises are……”

He could tell what it was now.

Those noises were humans trying to pry open those gaps to get inside.

That was probably the reason.

“Now that I think about it, there is no need to walk around forever looking for sacrifices.”

Ju-Heon smiled wickedly.
Mammon soon groaned and asked.

[Then are you going to lure some guards over?]

"Are you an idiot? Why would they come to get us when we are already in a trap?”


Ju-Heon activated the Majesty's ring instead of responding.

He tried to recall the feeling he had when he used it earlier!

Something amazing happened at that moment.



The Great Prison started to shake violently again.


Earthquakes were happening all over the world as well.

And then!

“General! Look over there!”
“T, the door opened!”

The small 5 cm gap opened wide enough for a person to fit through.


It was happening all over the world where Pandora’s excavation teams were stationed!

It seemed to be telling them to come inside! Pandora's excavation team members who were at the doors became excited.

"Go inside!”
“This is a rare opportunity!”
“Hurry up and grab the Treasure inside!”

They became hasty as they were worried that the door would close if they did not hurry inside.

Of course, some people were against it.

“Please wait! It could be a trap! You shouldn’t just rush in……!”

One of the Knights of the Round Table shouted but the generals just foamed at the mouth.

“And what if we miss the opportunity?!”
“Don't worry about them and go inside! Go steal the Treasure from Seo Ju-Heon!”

The excavation teams quickly rushed into the Great Prison.

They had no idea that going in here was like going into the Demon King's castle.

And then…

Boom boom boom.

Seol-A, who had been climbing down the cliff to look for Ju-Heon, jumped in shock.

She could feel human footsteps with her detecting ability.

She became desperate and looked toward Julian.

"Vice Captain-nim! People are inside the prison……!”
“How many?”
“100…500, 900… 1,200 people!”

Julian became anxious.

He could tell that Ju-Heon was responsible for this as well as the power of the key he felt just now.

The extremely smart Julian quickly figured it out and could only drop his jaw in shock.

“Ow, Seo Ju-Heon! I was wondering how the son of a bitch was planning on awakening the key!”

They could hear Ju-Heon's laughter down below.
He sounded like a Demon King welcoming the heroes into his castle.

"Good. It should be over 1,000 even if each of them only have one artifact on them!”

Ju-Heon immediately activated Anubis's artifact.

And then…


Anubis’s Army of the Dead appeared. They filled the bottom of the cliff.

He then shouted toward that army of mummies.

“Alright, all of you to take down the bastards who entered into my pile of gold! Your goal is 1,000 artifacts!”

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