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Chapter 334: Final boss? 5

Someone walked out.

It was the Majesty wearing the Goblin's Helmet.

“W, what the hell is that?!”

All they could really see was the mask on the man’s face.

The small dog hole had become wider because of the earthquake. And this man was leisurely walking out through it.

He had this chaotic goblin's mask with metal horns sitting on his head as if it was a toy.

It was Ju-Heon.

The excavation teams pointed their artifact guns at him.

“It’s Seo Ju-Heon!”

They went on full alert but soon started to laugh.


It was because of Ju-Heon's clothes.

‘What the fuck? Is he crazy? Why does he look so…poor?’

‘Did he come to a tomb wearing just a sweatsuit?’

‘Does he think he is on a fucking walk in the park?’

Ju-Heon still looked as handsome as a model but this was not normal tomb attire.

He looked like a beggar compared to them in their full gear starting with a helmet on their heads and different protections all over their bodies.

How could they not laugh?

‘Did he trade the Achilles’s Armor in for dessert?’

That was probably the reason.

“Take it away!”
"That bastard has a Divine-Grade artifact!”

They ruthlessly fired their artifact guns.

Bang bang bang bang!

But at that moment…



There were explosions coming from all around. The artifact bullets were bouncing off Ju-Heon's body.


They all looked toward Ju-Heon in shock. But Ju-Heon was just standing there, sneering at them with his hands in his pockets.

“Hey hey, it may not look like much but these are high-grade defense-type artifacts.”

That was the case.

The black sweatsuit was the gift from his fans. The black t-shirt underneath the sweatsuit was Achilles's Armor.

Normal artifacts would not be able to harm Ju-Heon at all.

"Feel free to keep firing. It won’t work.”


"Shoot him! Fire!”
“Shoot him until he’s dead!”

Bang bang!

“Fuck, it still hurts, you shitheads!”

An angry Ju-Heon grabbed the goblin mask on his head. A chaotic aura started to spread.

They became anxious.

“That bastard is trying to use an artifact!”
“Stop him!”

Ju-Heon covered his face with the goblin mask before they could do anything.

And what did that do?


[Chi You's artifact is being activated.]
[The goblin is opening its eyes.]

Ju-Heon touched the mask and red lights shot out of the mask's eyes. The toy-like mask slowly changed shape.

A black fog shot out of the mask before it covered Ju-Heon's head and started to turn into metal.

A metal forehead, a bronze head… Threatening horns that shot out on both sides…

It was a helmet covering his entire head once the transformation finished.

As someone who was said to change mountains and rivers with thunder and rain, he looked so threatening that he might strike the heavens at any moment.

That wasn’t all.

“W, what the hell is that?!”

The black fog violently shooting out of the helmet soon covered Ju-Heon's entire body.

And then, from head to toe… Metal armor appeared wherever the fog had covered.

A full suit of armor had instantly been created.

It was a full-black feast for the eyes. This was not an armor that would make it difficult to move and slow a person down.

It was a sleek and fashionable design that fit Ju-Heon’s body perfectly.

The black fog that seemed to be alive was swirling around Ju-Heon as if it was a cape.

The enemies couldn’t help but drop their jaws in shock.

“What the……?!”

They blanked out for an instant as Ju-Heon took a few steps forward.
They then snapped out of it and started grinding their teeth.

“Fuck, it was a defense-type artifact…?!”

Someone shouted at that moment.

“No, it doesn't feel like a defense-type artifact!”
“Yeah, it must be just for show! Destroy it!”

They started sending volleys of artifact bullets once again. But what?

“Fuck, what the hell?!”

They couldn't believe what they saw.

The bullets they saw just brushed by Ju-Heon without hitting him.

It was as if the bullets were just moving through the fog. That wasn't all.

Ju-Heon, who had been slowly walking toward them, disappeared with the black fog.

And then!


He suddenly appeared right in front of the excavation teams!

The fog viciously spread and started attacking his enemies.


This was the Fog of Annihilation from inside the Great Prison! Chi You's fog must have come from the story about how he used the fog to fight against the Imperial Army.

There were screams coming from multiple directions. Loki’s artifact user started to frown.

‘I'm sure of it. It really is a Majesty's Treasure.’

The Knights of the Round Table knew about the Treasure.

It would be weird if the people who were trying to create an artificial Majesty and its Treasures would not know about it.

Of the many Treasure types that included the key, cradle, library, throne, and lock, the helmet was one that protected the Majesty’s body.

‘It’s the Majesty’s Armor!’

This was no ordinary armor.

This was an attacking armor.

Chi You was a God of War and an overlord. A person would become a god the moment they put on this helmet.

That was why he couldn't help but become anxious.

‘I didn’t know he would be able to handle this too.’

The key was somewhat understandable.
That was the most basic of the Treasures. Ju-Heon was someone at the Four Emperors level, so he could have been lucky to meet the requirements to awaken it.

But he could also activate the other Treasures?

‘Should we have realized it when he awakened the key?’

Loki’s artifact user started shouting.

“Regular artifacts won't work! Hurry up and prepare ‘that’!
“Excuse me? But we need the original owner’s permission to use that!”
“It's fine, I am giving permission! We cannot let this bastard leave this tomb! We must kill him here!”

The gazes on the faces of the excavation team members changed at that moment. Julian, who had been behind Ju-Heon, frowned as he watched them start to take something out.

‘This feels like…’

He had an extremely ominous feeling.

This artifact felt holy but gave off an aura of cruel punishment.

‘It is a Christian artifact?’

Julian urgently released a thunderbolt after having that ominous feeling.
But at that moment…


Julian's attack that shot forward with murderous intent was destroyed!


A holy ray of light destroyed it!

That wasn't all.


The rays of light that shot out in multiple directions as if they were lasers started to burn Julian’s body.

It felt as painful as if someone put a hot iron against his skin. The enemies laughed after seeing Julian in pain.

“Haha, none of you will be able to escape from this artifact!”

Their holy rays of light headed toward Ju-Heon as well.


Loki's artifact user and the excavation team members continued to laugh.

It was at that moment.



Fog filled the tomb so that the holy rays of light could not be seen.

It was a blood red fog this time.

What appeared from the fog was Chi You's goblin army. The light artifacts the excavation teams were using to light up the tomb started blowing up.


The goblin army squirmed like the fog and started to ambush the enemies.


The difference between them and Anubis's Army of the Dead would be how they fought.

The goblin army stuck to people in their fog forms. The fog would then cover the person’s body and turn into a metal armor.

The problem came after that!


The enemies who became covered in armor would explode or dissect down to the molecular level from inside the armor. Some of them even died while shooting out metal bars from their bodies.

Chi You had lived during the transition from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age. His abilities reflected how he had created numerous different types of iron weapons to achieve victory.

"This shitty…uggggh!”

The holy rays of light disappeared once the artifact users died.

It was at that moment.

[Hey Kongming.]

Julian almost screamed as Ju-Heon suddenly appeared like a pile of sand next to him.

It was weird that Ju-Heon’s voice seemed to be echoing as well.

“Are you some kind of ghost?!”

[Whatever, let’s go out now.]


[We got some treasures, we're out of food, and some annoying pests have come.]

Julian looked toward the top of the cliff.

"Then we should call Ilya over to go up there……!”



Ju-Heon grabbed Julian by the collar.

Julian started to scream.


Ju-Heon, who had turned into the black fog, was floating up while grabbing Julian by the collar.
Of course, the enemies would not sit back and let them leave.

"Chase them! We cannot let these bastards get out of the prison!”

Rays of light shot out from the ground again. Ju-Heon dodged those rays of light as he floated to the top of the cliff.

And then…

“Uh, uhh uhh? Isn’t that Kongming?”
“Vice Captain-nim!”

They ran into the rest of the team who had been climbing down the cliff.

The rest of the team were shocked to see Julian being dragged by the black fog as they sat on Ilya’s devil’s back.
They were even more shocked because that fog resembled the same one that once killed Ilya.

"What are you being dragged up by…ahhhhhh!”

The rest of the team were abducted by the black fog as well and dragged up.

“What the hell is this?!”

[Shut up and stay still.]

"C, Captain-nim?!”

The abducted team members foamed at the mouth.

Ju-Heon didn't care and just dragged all of them to the entrance.


They just moved past the traps and the guards without caring about them. The fog covered the area once they left and made it so that the guards couldn't see them or chase after them.

But Loki's artifact user was furiously chasing after them.

“We must not let them leave!”

Loki’s artifact was using an artifact to float and stick close to them.

He could tell after confirming things inside the prison.

‘That bastard will be a disaster for us if he gets out of here.’

That was why they must keep him in here and send him to the Imagery world or something.
But at that moment…



The people outside the Great Prison screamed.

Something had burst out of the gap that the excavation teams had used to enter the Great Prison.

“W, what the hell is that?!”

It felt as if the gap would explode. They then saw something black squirm out of the gap and shoot up into the air.

“What the?!”

Ju-Heon started throwing his team members out of the fog before the enemies could process what was happening.


The thrown team members were coughing.

“That was like a damn rollercoaster…ugh.”

As they were trying to catch their breath…

“Aren't they Seo Ju-Heon's……?!”

The Pandora soldiers stationed at the entrance opened their eyes wide.

“Attention, Seo Ju-Heon's team members have appeared at the Manhattan entrance!”
“Kill them immediately!”
“Wait, hold on! What about the teams that went inside?! What happened to Loki-nim?! What happened to all of them?!”

It was at that moment.

[What do you think happened to them?]


The black fog turned into a person. It was the helmet wearing, armor-clad Ju-Heon.

Something odd happened as he took the helmet off.

“It's that bastard!”

The armor turned into fog and was sucked into the helmet as Ju-Heon lifted the helmet with one hand.

The helmet then turned back into the goblin's mask, revealing the black sweatsuit wearing Ju-Heon.

And then…

“They will all be imprisoned for entering my castle, err, the tomb.”
“W, what?”
“That goes for you bastards who tried to go into my place as well.”

Artifacts ran wild as soon as he said that.

He said go inside! He said go inside!

Ju-Heon and his team members’ artifacts started to push the enemies into the prison with the rope in the lead.

“Inform HQ! Seo Ju-Heon is…ahh!”

Ju-Heon just ignored them and lifted the Majesty's Key high into the air.

This was the only key that could freely open and close the Great Prison.

“Alright, have fun in there since you wanted to get inside so badly. I’m tired so I'm going to go get some rest.”
“H, hold on!”
"Well, I wonder how long you can last in there without a key.”

Ju-Heon laughed.

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