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Chapter 702: Extra Condition

I rubbed my eyes. No, they weren’t deceiving me. The Dragonlight Armored Horse really was a Rare mount!

Moreover, since I had Dark Pupils on, its stats screen was automatically displayed in front of me and shared into the party channel. The atmosphere was filled with silence as everyone’s mouth fell open—

Dragonlight Armored Horse (Spirit Rank Miniboss Mount)

Strength: +400

Stamina: +420

Attack Increase: +30%

Defense Increase: +30%

Attack Speed: +35%

Movement Speed: +120%

Attack Range: +25 yards

Max HP: +8000

Turn Rate: -45%

Mount Tenacity: +20%

Additional Skill: Hoof Trample

Introduction: The Dragonlight Armored Horse is the fusion between a warhorse and a dragon’s soul. It is the result of a lifetime of research of the genius tamer, Beast Emperor. He had procured refined souls from magical springs as fuel, forged shells from the Rainbow Bronze, and trapped a warhorse inside it for refinement. He successfully infused it with the power of the holy giant dragon and made it even more impenetrable than ever. Influenced by draconic power, the warhorse became an incredibly violent creature that wants nothing but to tear everything in front of it to shreds.

Level: 150

Reputation Requirement: 240000


"A Spirit-grade Miniboss Mount… Such incredible...

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